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I Timothy 3:15

Are We Becoming a Cannibal Society?

The Maranatha

Growing use of aborted fetus parts for medicines and beauty creams is hidden scandal...!!

A new "growth industry" is evolving as a spin-off of the lucrative abortion racket – worldwide – it is experimentation and trafficking in freshly aborted fetuses – their parts and organs.

Cells or sacrificed unborn humans are being used by some cosmetic firms to produce creams "for rejuvenating the skin." Apparently the human placenta from fetuses can make the skin of women more beautiful.

A new rabies vaccine, made from the lung tissues of aborted babies, is said to be better than vaccine made the old way using duck eggs.

A large pharmaceutical firm with its headquarters in our town reportedly has experimented in using fetus parts for making medicine to fight the common cold.

This process used virus-inoculated nasal passages of freshly aborted human fetuses.

Reportedly, some firms are using brains and livers to mix their batches of "healing" compounds.

The EPA reportedly approved a $300,000 grant in 1977 to use fetuses to test pesticides. (There has been much government involvement before and since that incident.)

An Iowa mother reports how distraught she is over the mandatory immunization program in the schools. The Measles, Mumps and Rubella virus vaccine (live virus vaccine) was grown in human diploid cell (WI-38) culture (from aborted fetuses).

And on and on and on...!

Is this the proper conduct of a healthy, "civilized" society? Be sure of one thing, as pitiful as this attack upon helpless, innocent life is, a much greater harm is inflicted upon ourselves by permitting these pagan practices to exist among us.

God help us!