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Baby Parts for Sale

J. C. Willke, MD, and Bradley Matte

Reprinted from the July 1999 and September 1999 issues of the Life Issues Connector, published by Life Issues Institute, Inc., J. C. Willke, President and Publisher, 1721 W. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45239.

After fighting abortion for 30 years I thought I had seen and heard it all, but not so. Here is a new development, a coordinated high-tech industry functioning for the specific purpose of obtaining and selling high-quality fetal organs for research.

Partial-Birth abortions seemed to be so horrible that most of us wondered how such procedures could be defended. Many of us chalked it up to the fact that the pro-abortion advocates and the abortion industry didn't want to give one inch for fear that their whole house of cards will fold. I, among others, felt that their resistance to forbidding this gruesome procedure was a fear of a domino effect.

If we stopped this one, then we'd stop the next and the next and the next and they didn't want it to start. But now we have evidence of a very clear additional reason why they want these late-term abortions to continue. The reason is that this is the one method that gives them intact fetal bodies from which they can obtain organs for research.

The other method of late-term abortion, D&E (Dilatation and Evacuation), involves reaching up into the uterus and dismembering the live baby. This delivers pieces of macerated organs that are usually unsuitable for fetal research, transplantation etc. This may be the main reason for their vehement defense of the practice of Partial-Birth abortion.

The story was broken recently by Life Dynamics under the guidance of its director, Mark Crutcher. A lady came to him with a story, which he has verified. The name of the informant cannot be revealed, as she is still involved in the work that she has exposed. Her story is dramatically recorded in a video just released by Life Dynamics. In it, this woman under the pseudonym, Kelly, tells her story. Her back is to the camera and her voice is electronically altered to prevent her identification. She worked for "an outside source, hired with a team to go in [to late term abortion clinics] to dissect and procure fetal tissue for high-quality sales."

Read on as Kelly describes her macabre profession. "What we did was to have a contract with an abortion clinic that would allow us to go there on certain days. We would get a generated list each day to tell us what tissue researchers, pharmaceutical companies and universities were looking for.

Then we would examine the patient charts. We would screen out the ones we didn't want. We did not use specimens that had STDs [sexually transmitted diseases] or fetal abnormalities. We only wanted the most perfect specimens that we could give to the researchers." And the age of these babies? The victims were up to and over 30-weeks gestation. "We were looking for eyes, livers, brains, thymuses [lymphoid tissue], cardiac blood, cord blood, blood from the liver, even blood from the limbs."

Only an estimated 2% of the late term aborted babies had abnormalities. "The rest were very healthy. 95% of the time, she was just there to get rid of the baby." How many of the late-term the ones around 30 weeks would you see? "Probably 30 or 40 babies a week."

Kelly stated, "We would sell the tissue to private contractors. They in turn would sell to other universities and researchers. There was a high demand every week to buy such fetal tissues. It was shipped by UPS, FedEx, Airborne and sometimes by special couriers. Sometimes we would take the specimen in a box to the airport and put it on as regular cargo, to be picked up at the destination."

And did these shipping companies know they were transporting baby parts? "No. All they knew was that it was just human cells. But it could be a completely intact fetus. It might be a batch of eyes, or 30 or 40 livers going out that day, or thymuses."

And the leftover parts? "We would usually put this down the garbage disposal along with the placenta and the leftover blood material. If it was too large to go down the drain, they had a special freezer and when they accumulated 60 or 70 fetuses in one box, it would be picked up for incineration."

And then the obvious question. Kelly is still working for this company, so why did she come and tell this story to a prolife group? One day when she was working, "A set of twins at 24 weeks gestation was brought to us in a pan. They were both alive. The doctor came back and said, `Got you some good specimens, twins.' I looked at him and said, `There's something wrong here. They are moving. I don't do this. This is not in my contract.' I told him I would not be part of taking their lives. So he took a bottle of sterile water and poured it in the pan until the fluid came up over their mouths and noses, letting them drown. I left the room because I could not watch this."

But she did go back and dissect them after they were dead. She said, "That's when I decided it was wrong. I did not want to be there when that happened." And then it happened again and again. "At 16 weeks, all the way up to sometimes even 30 weeks, and we had live births come back to us." And then? "Then the doctor would either break the neck or take a pair of tongs and beat the fetus until it was dead."

Did the abortionist ever alter the procedures to get you the type of specimens you needed that day? Her answer was "Yes, before the procedures they would want to see the list of what we wanted to procure. The [abortionist] would get us the most complete, intact specimens that he could. They would be delivered to us completely intact. Sometimes the fetus appeared to be dead, but when we opened up the chest cavity, the heart was still beating."

She was asked if the type of abortion procedure was intentionally altered to deliver to you an intact specimen, even if that meant giving you a live baby? Her answer was, "Yes, that was so we could sell better tissue, so that our company would make more money. At the end of the year, they would give the clinic back more money because we got good specimens."

The Partial-Birth abortion procedure involves inserting seaweed laminaria into the cervix. This swells up, dilating the cervix. In 24 hours, new laminaria are inserted. This produces more swelling and dilatation so that by the third day the baby can be extracted. During the dilatation procedure she is sent to a nearby motel. Sometimes the laminaria would fall out and she would go into labor and deliver the baby.

And then?

"They would call the nurse, and the nurse would call the doctor who would go to the motel room and pick up the woman and the fetus. That's when they would call us and say, `Okay, we've got a couple of specimens here,' or `We've got one specimen.' We would go [to the clinic] and the specimen [the baby] would be in a bucket, sometimes alive. When we opened the chest cavity the heart would still be beating. Sometimes we could see movement in the bucket. These babies had to come out alive. There's no way for them to be coming out dead. They were all alive. How they killed them is anyone's guess. My guess is that they had to kill them in the bucket or put them in a corner and let them die slowly."

And that was because the abortionist had seen how strongly you reacted to seeing them killed in front of you? "That's correct. And he did not want to repeat those instances but they kept happening anyway, and that's how I came to call you guys [Life Dynamics]."

Finally, Kelly related how sometimes a woman, halfway through the dilatation procedure, would change her mind and say she did not want the abortion. In such a case they would tell her that it's too late now. "You're going to have the abortion." Kelly said, "All of the staff would gather around pressuring her to have the abortion. On the second day, they're given an IV sedation, which kind of puts them into what I call a Nyquil nap. They're just basically drowsy, not thinking for themselves and that's basically how they are coerced into continuing the procedure."

Finally, in the interview, she notes that many of the employees of the clinics were lesbians. When the mother was unconscious these women would discuss her genitalia with degrading remarks and on occasion even take the phone number off of her chart. Then they would "call her weeks down the road and ask her out for a date. It was not uncommon for women or men at the clinic to hit on these women for dates."

Now We Know Why

Now we know one of the major reasons why the abortion industry is fighting so intensely to prevent a ban on Partial Birth abortion from being enacted. It's more than not giving any ground on abortion for any reason. It's also because selling fetal parts is a very lucrative part of the abortion business. These mothers pay large sums of money for late term abortions and the abortionists in turn are given big money for these intact organs. The model specimens have to be: the bigger the better, the older the better, the more alive the better.

The above dialogue is from a video that has been produced by Life Dynamics. If any of our readers would like a free copy of this interview, feel free to contact us and we will send you a copy. Send your request to: Life Issues Institute, 1721 W. Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45239. Phone (513) 7293600. Fax (513) 729-3636. E-mail lifeissues<at>

The Documentation

Part Two

Baby Parts for Sale

By Bradley Mattes

In our last issue Dr. Willke brought you the shocking news that the abortion industry is involved in the harvesting of organs and tissue of aborted babies. As part of a two-year, ongoing investigation, Life Dynamics interviewed "Kelly," one of a team of individuals who work closely with abortionists to provide a wide range of human fetal tissue to pharmaceutical, government and university laboratories.

Further, evidence shows that they will sometimes instruct the abortionist as to which type of procedure should be performed on the woman to ensure that the desired tissue is delivered intact.

Kelly's interview detailed the ghastly and often illegal procedures used to obtain the desired lucrative baby body parts. Repulsed by the gruesome reality of her work, Kelly reported this activity to pro-life leaders and continues to work within the abortion industry, gathering information to expose the dirty and deadly secrets of so-called "choice."

When we first broke this story in Connector, Dr. Willke was unable to reveal the documentation to prove Kelly's statements. The sensitive nature of the ongoing investigation dictated that we could not divulge this information without revealing Kelly's true identity. We can now share with you ironclad documentation that the abortion industry is indeed participating in a horrifying scheme to sell body parts of aborted unborn babies for profit.

Selling body parts or human tissue is against federal law, so how does the abortion industry circumvent this? Fetal tissue wholesalers pay abortion clinics a "site fee" to place employees, also known as "procurement agents," into abortion clinics to collect various body parts of aborted babies. In return, the employee will have access to all desirable fetal tissue.

These agencies then ship the tissue to researchers at pharmaceutical companies, university research laboratories and government agencies, Technically the wholesaler is not paying for the tissue itself, but renting space to harvest the body parts. The abortionist then "donates" the tissue to the wholesaler.

At the other end of the transaction the wholesaler will "donate" the fetal material to researchers but bill them for the cost of retrieval. Thus the business deal is complete.



Maternal Viral & Bacterial Markers Available

All specimen collections meet NIH guidelines

Opening Lines 800-490-9980

Life Dynamic's investigation has uncovered two fetal tissue wholesalers. Anatomic Gift Foundation (AGF) began doing business in 1994. Its founders, Jim and Brenda Bardsley, operate from a double wide trailer near White Oak, Georgia. The location also functions as a catfish farm. AGF's headquarters has been moved to Laurel, Maryland, and Jim Bardsley's brother, Brent, is listed as the executive director. They have additional offices in Colorado and Arizona.

Evidence shows that the Phoenix location deals only with adult tissue, but the facility in Aurora, Colorado is located in an abortion clinic called the Mayfair Women's Clinic. The person in charge is a woman named Ying Bei Wang. Representatives of AGF say they also operate in abortion clinics located in the Midwest and on the East Coast. In 1998 the National Abortion ` Federation listed AGF as a member.

The following is additional information on AGF: Anatomic Gift Foundation, 96 Satilla Drive, White Oak, GA 31568. Phone (912) 576-5889. Fax (912) 576-3727. Anatomic Gift Foundation 13948 Baltimore Ave., Laurel, MD 20707. Phone I-800-300-LIFE (5433) or (301) 953-2702. Fax (301) 953-2701. Website Anatomic Gilt Foundation (Mayfair Women's Clinic), 14446 E. Evans Ave., Aurora, CO 80014. Phone (303) 696-9761 (Mayfair). (303) 755-8601 AGF voice and fax.

The second wholesaler, Opening Lines, is located in West Frankfort, Illinois. It was founded in 1997 by Miles Jones, a pathologist. His partner, Gayla Rose, oversees operations. They are actively working to secure relationships with abortion clinics in Canada and Mexico. The National Abortion Federation lists both Miles Jones and Gayla Rose as donors in their 1991 annual report.

The following is additional information on Opening Lines: Opening Lines/Professional Arts Lab, A Division of Consultative and Diagnostic Pathology, Inc., PO Box 508, 502 W. St. Louis St., West Frankfort, IL 62896. Phone 1-800490-9980 or (618) 937-2439. Fax (618) 937-1525.

Both Wholesalers are located in small, rural areas in an attempt to avoid detection and pro-life protests. A spokesperson for Opening Lines, Dr. Miles Jones, bragged that even the businesses that rent in the same building are completely unaware of their clandestine operation.

Tissue Requested: Brain 22-23 wk,(whole brain)
Specifications: Passive Frozen acceptable, LN2 also
Shipping: Ship on Dry ice.

Life Issues Institute has been provided with copies of 55 orders that have been placed for a vast array of body parts and tissue of aborted babies. This is merely a sampling of the numerous orders that exist. Copies of these orders are available upon request. Information that would identify the individual or facility ordering the fetal material has been omitted.

Revelation of this information would reveal Kelly's true identity and stop further investigative work. Dr. Willke and I have viewed unredacted copies and can vouch for their detailed authenticity. We must caution you that this evidence is not for the squeamish reader. Orders for fetal materials are placed with a cold and callous disregard for human life. They demonstrate man's incredible inhumanity toward innocent unborn babies whose lives are viewed merely as a means of financial gain.

Highlighted throughout this article are excerpts of actual orders placed with these wholesalers. They matter-of-factly specify the tissue and quantity needed, detailed processing directions, shipping address, contacts with daytime and some nighttime phone numbers, and often a brief summary of what the tissue will be used for. They are careful to leave no loose ends. Even the Federal Express account numbers are provided for immediate shipment.


Liver 12-15 wks. (whole if possible)


1) Handle tissue under "sterile" conditions.

Ultimately to be used for Primate Implantation.

The documentation contradicts an often-repeated line of the abortion industry that late-term abortions are seldom done and only when the baby has a health condition incompatible with life. The fact is that a vast majority of the orders for fetal material require that there are no abnormalities in the unborn baby. Neither do they want to deal with any sexually transmitted diseases. Almost exclusively, only normal, healthy tissue is accepted.

This new evidence also strengthens a case for what many pro-lifers have suspected all along something that would be easy for the average person to overlook when reading through this documentation. One order requested 2-4 whole intact legs, including the entire hip joint of babies 22-24 weeks gestation. They outlined very specific dissecting instructions and required that the body parts be prepared for shipment within 10 minutes after the babies' deaths.

That is an extremely narrow timeframe in which to perform various technical tasks. It increases the likelihood that the baby was not killed within the womb, but delivered alive, then killed and dissected. Another order specifically requested that the intact spinal column be processed "within 15 minutes after circulation has ceased."


Kidney, Heart, Lung, Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Skin, Smooth Muscle,

Skeletal Muscle, Brain

Constraints: Need 5-10 samples of each per month 15 to 24 weeks gestation.

Store and ship on Dry Ice

Ship next day FEDERAL EXPRESS.

Some individual orders required such a high volume of tissue that many unborn babies had to die to meet the demand of each one. The abortion industry is clearly involved in a lucrative, Frankenstein-like enterprise, and there is a seemingly never-ending demand for their human product that they are only too happy to supply.

Evidence indicates that many pharmaceutical companies have jumped on the fetal tissue research bandwagon, frantically searching for cures that will meet the demands of aging baby boomers. These companies are well aware of the huge profits enjoyed by Viagra, which has even been eclipsed in profitability by a new arthritic pain-relieving drug. There is much money to be made for the drug company that can deliver the cure for Parkinson's or Alzheimer's to our senior citizens whose numbers are projected to vastly increase in the coming years.

Donor Criteria: Prenatal (20-24 wk),


1) Whole Eyes
2) Fresh, remove eye with as much optic nerve intact as possible and within 2 hours if possible.

Evidence clearly demonstrates that these wholesalers are in the business of selling human fetal issue. Opening Lines told Life Dynamic investigators that they offer volume discounts, free tissue to obtain new customers and occasional free tissue to good customers. Both AGF and Opening Lines provide a price list for their macabre services. AGF charges a flat fee per "specimen." However, the price varies depending upon whether it is a first trimester abortion or one done later in pregnancy, with frozen body parts costing more than fresh tissue and organs. There is also a separate price for spontaneous abortions or miscarriages.

Opening Lines offers individual pricing per organ or body part. This is technically called their "fee for services schedule." Prices vary for the same organ procured, depending upon the gestational age of the baby, with eight weeks being the dividing line.

A sampling of their inventory includes: an intact trunk (with or without limbs) $500, gonads $550, eyes $75 (there is a 40% discount for a single eye), brains $999, limbs (at least 2) $150, spleens $75, livers $150, spinal cords $325, or you can get the entire intact unborn baby's body for $600. Prices are in effect through December 31, 1999. They also offer a 30% discount if the tissue is "significantly fragmented."

Tissue Requested:
Lung, 16-24, (trachea not required
Fresh, Wet ice, buffered media
Shipping: International FedEx air bill, Commercial invoice required

Opening Lines is more aggressive in their marketing. They have produced color sales brochures targeting both abortion clinics and research laboratories. They even offer materials to abortion clinics that are designed to sell pregnant women on the idea of donating their aborted babies. This decision by women, the brochures says, will help "thousands of people with diseases and disorders that otherwise might not be cured without research." The brochure tells abortion clinic operators how to "turn your patient's decision into something wonderful."

The brochure targeting research labs is no less aggressive in its marketing strategy. They even claim that their "daily average case volume exceeds 1,500." Bold headlines tout "FRESH FETAL TISSUE harvested and shipped to your specifications...where and when you need it!" They offer fees "lower than the industry average."

There is an important element in this gruesome issue that should not be overlooked, and that is the total exploitation of the pregnant woman. First she is told that what she carries inside her is not a baby it's a mass of tissue, a delayed period or a product of conception. If this were true, how does the abortion industry reconcile this rhetoric with a booming business in aborted babies' body parts? Women are further exploited when the possible physical complications are often sugarcoated or ignored all together, and Post-Abortion Syndrome isn't even acknowledged.


Constraints: 18-24 weeks gestation. No history of AIDS, ARC,

hepatitis, prostitution I.V. drug abuse, hemophilia in father, no sepsis or jaundice.

Procedure: Dissect fetal liver and thymus and occasional lymph node from fetal cadaver within 10 min WIT and ship within 12 hrs. of preparation. Perform screen for HIV, Hep B, and Hep C. Need at least 3/4 of thymus and l lobe of liver.

First, the abortion clinic staff misrepresents the reality of abortion. Then the unsuspecting pregnant woman is further lied to and exploited when they tell her that if she signs this permission slip she will be helping to protect and preserve life. Later in life, when women are ultimately confronted with the reality of abortion, possibly by giving birth, their world often crumbles down around them.

At this critical point in their lives the abortion industry has nothing to offer these women. It is then they come to the pro-life movement for help and solace. There they will find outstretched, loving arms to hold them and share their pain, while at the same time helping them begin the road to recovery. Is it possible that even the most ardent pro-abortion activist will, to some degree, question the rightness of their cause when learning about these grisly revelations?

Life Dynamics has prepared a complete set of documentation conveniently assembled in booklet form. It is available for $8.00, which includes shipping and handling. Please contact them for your copy(ies). Call them toll free at (800) 401-6494 or write to Life Dynamics, Inc., PO Box 2226, Denton, TX 76202.