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Eating Babies in China?

E. L. Bynum

A strange and horrible report was published in the National Right to Life News¹ on April 24, 1995. They published reports of the aborted babies being sold for health food in China. They quoted from the Hong Kong Eastern Express, citing the lively market in aborted babies.

The Eastweek reporters were given specific directions on the best type of body to use and the best way to cook him or her. Dr. Zou Qin expressed a preference for the children of "young women, and even better, the first baby and a male," and claimed to have eaten about 100 bodies in the past six months. She gave the reporter a detailed explanation of how they are to be washed and prepared for eating.

In one hospital they performed 7,000 abortions last year. One of the doctors is quoted as saying, "They are wasted if we don’t eat them."

The reporters also found fervent advocates of the "health benefits" of eating unborn children. A female doctor at Shenzhen’s Sin Hua Clinic told them, "They can make your skin smoother, your body stronger, and are good for the kidneys."

Is This Really True?

I have no way of knowing if this report is really true. Other doctors in Hong Kong and China said they had never heard of this practice.

We Do Know Horrible Things!

We do know that over a million babies have been cruelly slain each year in the U.S., since the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision made in January 1973. Some years over a million and a half have been aborted. In those 22 years more than 30 million have been aborted.

We do know that they have used body parts of some of these babies for medical research and for medical treatment. We know that some of their little bodies have been thrown into garbage cans, while others have been allowed to rot in storage buildings.

We know that China is a Communist country with no belief in God, but America is supposed to be a Christian nation with high moral values. Shame upon the U.S.A. for the sinful conduct of our nation. How can we escape the judgment of God, while we are carrying out this relentless war upon the innocent unborn?

Planned Parenthood’s Shame

One of the leading organizations in the U.S. that is promoting this shameful slaughter of the unborn is Planned Parenthood. They have a $443 MILLION annual budget. They receive $158 MILLION of your tax dollars to promote their radical agenda and to indoctrinate America’s children with their "safe sex" philosophy. I don’t know about you, but this burns me up. I don’t want one dime of my tax money to go to such a radical organization.

What They Do!

Planned Parenthood² operates the nation’s largest chain of abortion facilities.

Planned Parenthood’s clinics perform between 130,000 and 134,000 abortions each year in the U.S., plus 6,000 elsewhere in the world.

Planned Parenthood's sale of birth control pills provide an estimated $65 to $70 MILLION in profits each year to the organization.

Planned Parenthood recommends and distributes the book, Changing Bodies, Changing Lives. The following bit of advice for youth is taken form that book:

"If your parents or other adults who play a parental role in your life have talked to you about sex, their voice may be saying, ‘you're too young to be in the back seat with a girl!’ If you feel your parents are overprotective, their message may not be helpful. If they seem to fear your sexuality, or if they don’t want you to be sexual at all until some distant time, you may feel you have to tune out their voice entirely."

Planned Parenthood distributes a pamphlet entitled "Sex, The First Time or Anytime." It says, "New Partner? More than one partner? Use them! Condoms prevent infection." This is a lie, of course. Condoms fail 10% to 30% in preventing pregnancy. They also fail to prevent HIV which produces AIDS. The HIV virus is 450 times smaller than a single sperm.

Through schools, teachers, clinics and doctors, Planned Parenthood is seeking inroads to the minds of your children. I have other quotes form Planned Parenthood, so vivid and vile, I cannot print them in the PBC. Yet, they are distributing this filth to the youth of our nation.

¹National Right to Life News, April 24, 1995, 419 7th Street, N.W., #500, Washington, DC 20004.
²Planned Parenthood Exposed, Christian Coalition, P.O. Box 1990, Chesapeake,VA, 23327-1990.