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I Timothy 3:15

It’s The Diseases, Stupid

Fred Schwarz, M.D.

One of the basic duties of local government is to provide an efficient and hygienic sewer system which will dispose safely of the waste products of human society.

Since it is a long-established medical fact that deadly infections can result from physical contact with excretory products, laws have been written to protect the populace from such contact.

Periodically a breakdown occurs in the safe disposal of sewage, which leads to its discharge into recreational waters. When this occurs, these waters are immediately closed to swimmers. Even though the weather is hot, and the cooling waters look enticing, entrance into the waters is prohibited.

The anus and rectum are nature’s sewers for the disposal of deadly infectious material. It is not surprising therefore that, when they are used as playgrounds by sodomites, the result is an epidemic of deadly infections.

Many regard sodomy, which can de defined as "playing in the human sewers" as a "Gay Right", but there is no right to spread disease. The diseases resulting from the practice of sodomy are described by the recognized international authority, Mirko D. Grmek; M.D.; PhD., in his authoritative book, History of AIDS:

"Studies showed that most American homosexuals living in large cities had several dozen sex partners each year; mean figures of eighty to one hundred partners were not rare and some mounted into the hundreds. About 10 percent of homosexuals interviewed had had sexual contact with over five hundred persons during their lives.

“In medical terms the almost immediate result was an increase in the ‘classic’ sexually transmitted diseases, notably syphilis and gonorrhea; of certain viral diseases, such as hepatitis, herpes, and cytomegalovirus; and intestinal parasites such as amebiasis.

“Skin disorders of an otherwise relatively rare nature, and chronic diarrhea, become the daily lot of homosexuals. The rise in these disorders preceded the AIDS breakout, and already indicated the point at which the epidemiologic situation was ready to explode. In San Francisco’s Castro district and New York’s Greenwich Village, the spread of AIDS in 1981-1982 was catastrophic, faster than anywhere else in the Western world. It was thus in the crowded ranks of the American homosexual community that the AIDS virus finally passed the point of no return in its epidemic spread."

Is it "homophobic" to be against the spread of deadly diseases? A phobia is defined as an irrational fear, but the fear of deadly diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis, tuberculosis and AIDS is thoroughly justified. Sodomy, which spreads these diseases, is deadly, and should be illegal.