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Promoting “Safer” Russian Roulette

Christian Anti-Communism Crusade

The belief that the use of condoms will make promiscuous sex safe deserves to be ranked with the belief that the world is flat. This is made clear by an article in the October 19 edition of U.S. News and World Report. The article begins with the statement: "Sexual restraint, says an AIDS handbook for schools issued last week by the Department of Education, is the 'safest and smartest way to prevent infection.'

Condoms, on the other hand, 'can reduce but not eliminate the risk.' Education Secretary William Bennett has long opposed condom instruction for teenagers, and the handbook lets him make the point once again. While it may have its roots in the Secretary's moral code rather than the handbook's pragmatic warnings, the point made is troubling and real: No one can say how much protection condoms offer." (Page 83)

The article points out that condoms have a failure rate of 10 to 15 percent when used for the prevention of pregnancy and that the prevention of AIDS is much more difficult and much more necessary than the prevention of pregnancy. It points out that a woman is fertile roughly 35 days a year whereas someone with AIDS can transmit it 365 days a year.

To call condom sex, "safe sex," is akin to calling Russian Roulette a safe game. After all, if only one of six chambers of the gun is loaded, the chance of being killed by pulling the trigger with the muzzle against the forehead is only 1 in 6, which some apparently consider fairly good odds. Of course, the odds shorten with each additional firing of the gun.

The provision of condoms to increase the safety of casual sex is like increasing the number of chambers which can hold bullets in the revolver. What parents could be content if they knew that their child was playing Russian Roulette with a pistol containing 10, or even 100 chambers?

Infection by AIDS is a terrible disaster, and it is impermissible to take chances when the outcome is so deadly.

The danger of death from sex with a condom is far greater than the danger from attending a school with asbestos in the ceiling, living on a toxic dump, or near a nuclear power plant. Can we expect campaigns to discourage the use of condoms from the environmentalists?

The provision of condoms for safe sex is the ultimate confession of defeat. It is an admission that society has given up the struggle to develop the capacity for self-restraint in the young. It is a policy of despair.

The goal of public policy should be to prevent the infection of a single person with the AIDS virus. However drastic and expensive the programs to achieve this may appear to be, they are preferable to the alternative of an increasingly deadly AIDS epidemic.

Two measures to prevent the spread of AIDS are imperative. They are:

  1) The compulsory testing of all persons to discover those who are infectious;

 2) The quarantining of all who are infectious.

The time to start on these programs is now. While we wait, thousands are receiving a death sentence.

Personal morality is not merely a question of personal preference. It also determines national strength and survival. The communist conquest of the U.S.A. is dependent upon widespread demoralization, not widespread conversion to communism. The communist conquest of the U.S.A. could succeed even if not one U.S. citizen favored communism. The formula for such conquest is: "External encirclement, plus internal demoralization, plus thermonuclear blackmail, lead to progressive surrender."

Is the surrender to condoms a preface to the surrender to communism?