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I Timothy 3:15

Is The Old Wine Better?

Herb Evans

"No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better". (Luke 5:39)

One kind of wine, in the Bible (alcoholic), is a position that is gaining, among professing Christians, after suffering a set back of a few decades. Still, Jesus believed in two kinds of wine, "old wine" and "new wine".

Oddly, the same folks contend that the above passage proves that alcoholic or "old wine" is better than non-fermented or "new wine". Yet, on this account, "alcoholic wine onlys" are wrong again.

The teaching, here, is not that the "old wine" is better than the "new wine" but that some misguided folks regard it better and only "say" it is better and do not want the "new wine" after they have been addicted to the "old wine".

In this particular case, Jesus symbolically describes the Pharisees and their apostate traditions , practices, and interpretation (which were sanctioned by their own scholars and lawyers). The old wine, to which they were addicted, would not allow them to desire the new wine of the gospel and Jesus' non-traditional teaching, values, and revelations (which were really rooted and grounded, in the "original" scriptures).

An amazing parallel exists today, in that certain scholars have drank the old corrupt Alexandrian wine, addicting themselves to it and saying that it is better than the unleavened, "new wine", of the God "preserved", if you please, Word of God.

In a vain attempt to conceal the truth, of this matter, they, in league with Lucifer, the merry wine maker, stamp "NEW, NEW, NEW," on their corrupt, bibles. Such bibles are really not "new", at all, but are the same "OLD", corrupt, leavened, Alexandrian ferment and not the "pure blood of the grape (Deut.32:14)".

Eat, drink, and be merry... poor misguided Alexandrians!