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"...The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
I Timothy 3:15

Doctrinal Statement of the

American Baptist Association (1905)

S. H. Ford

From The Origins of the Baptists

1. We believe in the infallible verbal inspiration of the whole Bible, II Tim. 3:16, 17.

2. The Triune God, Mat. 28:19.

3. The Genesis account of creation.

4. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ, Mat. 1:20-23.

5. The Deity of Jesus Christ.

6. His crucifixion and suffering as vicarious and substitutionary.

7. The bodily resurrection and ascension of Christ, and the bodily resurrection of His saints,
I Cor.15.

8. The second coming of Christ, personal and bodily, as the crowning event of the gentile age,
Acts 1:11.

9. We also hold in common what real Baptists have always held: That the great commission was given to the churches only. That in the kingdom activities the church is the unit of co-operation, and that equal authority and responsibility should be met and shared by them according to their several abilities.

10. We believe that all co-operating bodies such as associations and conventions, their boards and committees, etc., are, and properly should be, servants of the churches.

11. We believe the great commission teaches that there has been a continuous succession of Missionary Baptist Churches from the days of Jesus Christ down to this day.

12. We believe that baptism, to be valid, must be administered by a Scriptural Baptist Church.

In addition to the above doctrines the American Baptist Association believes in every phase of mission work as outlined in the scriptures in Matt. 28:19,20; Mark 16:15,16; Luke 24:44-48, and Acts 1:8. The of this association support missionaries on several foreign fields and a large number of missionaries in the United States.

Editor: The American Baptist Association is a very liberal organization today, but in the early 1900's even they stood for what Real Baptists have always stood for, an infallible, verbally inspired Bible, (notice it doesn't say, “in the originals”).

They stood for the authority of the local church, and that church being Baptist. No Real Baptist would ever accept anything other than baptism from a scriptural Baptist church. As item # 9 says, "We also hold in common what Real Baptists have ever held: That the great commission was given to the churches only."

With this in mind, let me quote from a message entitled, "Where are the Nine?" by Jack Hyles, found in the Sept. 11, 1992 edition of The Sword of The Lord, and I quote, "Dr. Hudson was right last night when he said the great commission was given to individuals." End quote.

My question is: Is Dr. Hyles a Real Baptist? I think not.