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I Timothy 3:15

Is the KJV Just Another Translation?

"God in His providence has abundantly justified this confidence of the King James translators. The course of history has made English a worldwide language which is now the native tongue of at least 300 million people and the second language of many millions more.

For this reason the King James Version is known the world over and is more widely read than any other translation of the Holy Scriptures. Not only so, but the King James Version has been used by many missionaries as a basis and guide for their own translation work and in this way has extended its influence even to converts who know no English.

For more than 350 years therefore the reverent diction of the King James Version has been used by the Holy Spirit to bring the Word of life to millions upon millions of perishing souls. Surely this is a God guided translation on which God, working providentially, has placed the stamp of His approval" (Dr. Edward F. Hills, The King James Version Defended, page 216).

"When the Bible was translated in 1611, God foresaw the wide, extended use of the English language; and therefore, in our Authorized Bible, gave the best translation that has ever been made, not only in the English language, but as many scholars say, ever made in any language" (
Which Bible?, page 316).

"With these facts before us, and in view also of the leading part the English speaking people were to play in shaping the destinies of mankind during the eventful centuries following the appearance of the Version of 1611, we are justified in believing that it was through a providential ordering that the preparation of that version was not in anywise affected by higher critical theories in general, or specifically by the two ancient codices, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus.

"For when we consider what the A. V. [Authorized Version] was to be to the world, the incomparable influence it was to exert in shaping the course of events, and in accomplishing those eternal purposes of God for which Christ died and rose again and the Holy Spirit came down from Heaven.

When we consider that this version was to be, more than all others combined, "the Sword of the Spirit," and that all this was fully known to God beforehand, we are fully warranted in the belief that it was not through change, but by providential control of the circumstances, that the translators had access to just those Mss. which were available at that time, and to none others.

This belief in no way conflicts with the fact that man's part in the preparation of the A.V. is marked, and plainly enough, by man's infirmities." ("Which Version?," Philip Mauro, True or False? pages 80-81).