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I Timothy 3:15

New Roman Catholic Bible

A Roman Catholic edition of the New Revised Standard Version Bible was introduced September 30, 1993.

This latest in the growing list of perverted Bible versions has the imprimatur (official approval) of the Roman Catholic bishops of the United States and Canada and is being published by the Catholic Bible Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Dr. Arthur O. Van Eck, the National Council of Churches' Director for Bible Translation and Utilization said that this new NRSV: CATHOLIC EDITION, "is yet another indication of the fundamental ecumenical nature of the work in translating the Scriptures."

And, Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, commented that, "No single event since the Second Vatican Council will do more to strengthen ecumenical ties than the use of the same Bible by faithful men and women."

True believers need to recognize that this and all the other modern versions of the Bible constitute Satanic attacks upon the purity and infallibility of God's Word. This fact must not be overlooked even though every new translation and/or version has been issued with the false claim that, in one way or another, it makes the Bible clearer, more accurate, more readable and more understandable.

All of these new versions actually represent an attack upon the purity and accuracy of the authorized King James Version. If more accurate versions of the Bible than the old KJV are in existence today, believers should be using them and join in warning about the dangers of the KJV.

This would be the only consistent position to take. Sadly, however, there is a great lack of consistency among those who profess to be fundamentalists, some of whom permit the use of only the KJV in pulpit or classroom while, at the same time, claiming that the NASV, NIV or some other modern version is more accurate.

Don't let anyone take your pure, accurate King James Version away from you or cast doubt upon its infallibility and eternality. Psalm 119:89; Matthew 24:35.