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I Timothy 3:15

The NIV Challenge

The Baptist Pillar

The first 5 people to answer these questions using their NIV will receive $50.00 from The Baptist Pillar. This is not gambling, contest rules may be found at the bottom of this. You must use the NIV and you must get the verses right.


INSTRUCTIONS: Using the New International Version, answer the following questions. Do not rely on your memory. You must take the answer from the verse (not from footnotes but from the text).

1. Fill in the missing words in Matthew 5:44. "Love your enemies, ________ them that curse you, ______ ______ to them that hate you, and pray for them that _____ _____ ______ and persecute you."

2. According to Matthew 17:21, what two things are required to cast out this type of demon?

3. According to Matthew 18:11, why did Jesus come to earth?

4. According to Matthew 27:2, what was Pilate's first name?

5. In Matthew 27:35, when the wicked soldiers parted His garments, they were fulfilling the words of the     prophet. Copy what the prophet said in Matthew 27:35 from the NIV.

6. In Mark 3:15, Jesus gave the apostles power to cast out demons and to __________?

7. According to Mark 7:16, what does a man need to be able to hear?

8. According to Luke 7:28, what was John? (teacher, prophet, carpenter, etc.) What is his title or last     name?

9. In Luke 9:55, what did the disciples not know?

10. In Luke 9:56, what did the Son of man not come to do? And, what did He come to do?

11. In Luke 22:14, how many apostles were with Jesus?

12. According to Luke 23:38, in what three languages was the superscription written?

13. In Luke 24:42, what did they give Jesus to eat with His fish?

14. John 3:13 is a very important verse, proving the deity of Christ. As Jesus spoke, where was the Son of      man?

15. What happened each year as told in John 5:47

16. In John 7:50, what time of day did Nicodemus come to Jesus?

17. In Acts 8:37, what is the one requirement for baptism?

18. What did Saul ask Jesus in Acts 9:67?

19. Write the name of the man mentioned in Acts 15:34.

20. Study Acts 24:6-8. What would the Jew have done with Paul? What did the chief captain command?

21. Copy Romans 16:24 word for word from the NIV.

22. First Timothy 3:16 is perhaps the greatest verse in the New Testament concerning the deity of Christ.      In this verse, who was manifested in the flesh?

23. In the second part of First Peter 4:14, how do [they] speak of Christ? And, what do Christians do?

24. Who are the three Persons of the Trinity in First John 5:7?

25. Revelation 1:11 is another very important verse that proves the deity of Christ. In this verse Jesus       said, "I am the A_______ and O_____, the _______ and the____________:"


You will not be able to answer any of these question from the NIV.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Please don't beat on us for this.

We only mean to point out the FACT that there is a difference between versions. And, if a difference then one must be right and the other wrong.

You decide which is right and which is wrong and stop halting between two (or more) opinions.

We have given you facts and have not stated any opinion. We have not set ourselves up as an authority. The Word of God is The Authority and our prayer is that He will make up for our lack.

In Christ,
The Baptist Pillar