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Three Articles About Abortion

From The Baptist Challenge, February 2014

Silent Scream

From The National Statesman as quoted in The Sword of the Lord.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson photographed and described an abortion in progress.

A little baby, 12 weeks from conception, is peacefully moving inside its mother. It is a little girl. She is sucking her thumb. Her heart is beating normally about 140 times a minute.

You witness the curette entering the mother. A curette is the abortionist’s instrument used to locate, attach to and chew the baby to pieces and suction the baby to pieces and suction it from its mother. The baby immediately becomes aware of the invasion of its domain by a hostile force. The little girl begins to move convulsively about. Her heartbeat races to 200 times a minute.

But the little girl cannot escape the curette. On the screen you see the little baby in the left side of the mother, shuddering. It can get no further away from the murderous instrument.

The curette finds and attaches itself to the baby.

Dr. Nathanon points out on the film that the little girl’s mouth is open with a silent scream. In moments, toes, fingers, arms, legs and body are sucked out of the mother’s body. Nothing but the child’s pitiful head remains floating inside the mother. Since the head is too large to be suctioned out, another surgical operation must be performed.

You see then another abortionist’s device entering the mother. It looks like a large set of pliers. It searches, finds and fixes on the head. The device quickly crushes the head into pieces. The suction machine performs the rest of the murderous act. The head is suctioned out and the abortion is complete.

This happens over 4,000 times a day in America.

A Botched Abortion

Wanda Franz, National Right to Life Committee

The grisly tale of a doctor accused of severing the arm of an infant during a botched illegal abortion is gripping New York City, while the baby girl he supposedly tried to abort lies in critical condition.

“Free to Maim,” screamed Thursday’s New York Post, referring to Abu Hayat, who was arrested Tuesday and freed without bond Wednesday.

Abortion foes were quick to seize the case, charging that such illegal late-term abortions are common.

Hayat, 61, faces a January 28 court hearing on charges he performed a third-trimester abortion October 25 on Rosa Rodriguez, a 20-year-old waitress. If convicted, he faces up to four years in jail.

Rodriguez, who is unmarried and has a 2-year¬old daughter, said at a news conference Wednesday that she thought she was three to four months pregnant when she sought the abortion. She said Hayat agreed — without doing tests — and began an abortion

In New York, abortion is illegal after the 24th week, near the end of the second trimester. She said she left his office after being told that the procedure had been started and that she would have to return the next day. But several hours after leaving his office, Rodriguez said, she went into labor and went to a hospital, where she gave birth to a 3-pound Ana Rosa. Doctors determined she’d been about eight months pregnant.

“I’m happy he has been arrested, because what’s been done to my daughter won’t be done to anybody else,” Rodriguez said.

“This is just one of many proofs that abortion is openly practiced on third-trimester unborn babies.”

Survivor Shares Story

From Baptist Bulletin

“A lot of people say I was never born,” says Gianna Jessen, a 14-year-old California girl. “I was aborted, but I arrived. That day was April 6, 1977, and that’s the day I celebrate my birthday.”

On that day in 1977, about 24 hours after her 17-year-old mother was injected with a saline solution intended to kill her 7-month-old unborn baby, Gianna was delivered. But this abortion had a complication: the “fetal tissue” was born alive.

Gianna, who travels nationally to share her story, including a recent appearance at the annual convention of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, says she and her adoptive mother, Diana, don’t know exactly what happened after that. Someone “rescued” the two-pound baby and had her transferred to a hospital where she received medical care for the next few months.

“By the grace of God I survived the abortion,” Gianna says, “and only by the grace of God. Those were critical months in the hospital. The future didn’t look too bright — in the doctor’s eyes.”

Two months later Gianna was released into a foster home where her foster mother, Penny, specialized in the care of children with developmental disorders. “That’s where I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy because of my mother’s ‘choice,’” she said.

The saline method of abortion first burns the unborn baby on the outside, and as the baby swallows the toxic fluid, it burns the baby inside as well. The trauma Gianna suffered during the procedure resulted in cerebral palsy and has meant four painful and costly operations.

When she was nine years old, Gianna underwent a delicate surgical procedure that exposed her spinal cord so a team of neurosurgeons could sever nerves causing spastic movement. Although the procedure improved her condition considerably, Gianna still has trouble with balance and often falls.

In spite of all this, Gianna says, “I don’t have the time to sit around and think about it and feel sorry for myself.” Life has too much to offer, she says, explaining that the condition has not stopped her from pursuing her interests, which include baseball, mountain climbing and music.