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"...The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
I Timothy 3:15

The Book, the Blood, and the Blessed Hope

E. L. Bynum

When Bible doctrines are under attack, it is essential that the Lord’s watchman sound a warning (Ezek. 3:17-21). To be a watchman on the wall is not a popular occupation. Multitudes do not want to be warned or bothered. In many instances they react against the watchman rather than the enemy. The watchman not only must be on the lookout for the enemy, but he needs a rear view mirror to see the darts and rocks that are cast at his back by the very people that he is trying to warn.

In a small way, through the Plains Baptist Challenger, and our tract and book distribution, we are trying, with the help of God, to be a true watchman on the wall. It is often a lonely and thankless task. Although critics abound, we are not discouraged, nor are we disposed to quit.

Of course we are disappointed when former friends attack us, but we did not get into this work thinking that it would make us popular. The Holy Bible, and the doctrines it contain, are under violent attack. The enemy is insidious, clever, and powerful. Now is the time for those who love the truth, to stand up and be counted.

The Book, the Holy Bible, is being attacked upon almost on every hand. The liberal scholars, who do not believe what it says in the first place, can be expected to continue their attacks upon the Word. Unfortunately, many evangelicals and fundamentalists, are using the ammunition prepared in the arsenals of modernism, to attack the inspired Word of God. We utterly reject the liberal scholarship (?) of the last 100 years, which has prepared the material to unseat the King James Version.

They have tried for over 100 years to displace the KJV with a faulty version of one kind or another. When evangelicals and fundamentalists use the same arguments used by the liberals, we reject their tactics just the same. By God’s grace we shall continue to defend and proclaim the KJV.

The Blood, the very blood of Christ, is under attack today. A few years ago it was R. B. Thieme. Now it is the highly respected John MacArthur who is minimizing the blood of Christ. Through his church, his broadcast, and his writings he has built a tremendous following among many, many Christians. It is not popular to question the teaching of such a man, but that is exactly what we did in the last issue

of the PBC.

The Blessed Hope, the premillennial second coming of Christ, is under a barrage of criticism by amillennialists, and their now revived postmillennialists cohorts. We gladly state that we believe in the pretribulation rapture view, of the premillennial coming of our Saviour. Amillennialism and postmillennialism, are both dead end streets for the Bible believer.

As a system of doctrine, they have never produced anything good because they are contrary to the Word of God. Where these systems of doctrine flourish, you will soon see a growing crop of modernism and unbelief. While not all who hold to these doctrinal theories are modernists, their spiritual offspring flow into the camp of liberalism. We have no intention of backing up one inch in our premillennial stands and with the help of God we will not.

It might be well to add a paragraph on the doctrine of separation, for this doctrine is under assault upon almost every front. Personal separation no longer exists among many who claim to be Bible believers. Mixed bathing, dancing, the movie theater, and social drinking is now acceptable in many fundamental circles.

Ecclesiastical separation is almost a forgotten doctrine among many who once stood for the truth. Charismatics, new evangelicals, fundamentalists, and yes, Roman Catholics are now working together in some places. How can Bible believing independent Baptists keep from throwing up at such a sight? It is our intention to continue to reveal the widespread compromise now going on in the religious world.

We do not have the financial resources, the staff, or even the ability, to stand up against the compromising heavy weights today. To some, it must seem foolhardy to stand up against Pat Robertson, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Billy Graham, Jack Van Impe, John MacArthur, Jerry Falwell, and a score of others who are selling us down the river, but that is what we propose to do. We shall use our meager resources and abilities, as God gives us strength, to unmask the evil forces of compromise.

If you agree with our stand, please remember us in your prayers.