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Catholic Persecution in Mexico

Evangelical Press

This is an incident that happened a few years back:

About 30 Mexican Christians, forced to flee their homes after an attack by an angry mob, have returned to San Nicolas de Guadalupe, Mexico, under military escort. The group took refuge in a Baptist church in a nearby town for more than a month, as their homes were ransacked and most of their personal belongings stolen. They were among a group of about 130 Baptists attacked in late June after worship services at a mission church in San Nicolas de Guadalupe.

The town is in a Mazahua Indian area in Mexico state, about two hours drive northwest of Mexico City. A mob of about 200 Roman Catholics stoned and clubbed the Mexican Baptists while worshipers were eating lunch outdoors, witnesses said.

About 15 Baptists sustained injuries, mostly lacerations, but none were life-threatening. The attackers destroyed 11 cars with stones, clubs, and fire. During the assault the Christians attempted to flee to safety inside the house of church members where the mission congregation meets. The attackers tried to break into the building but failed.

The Baptists, including leaders visiting from other churches in surrounding Mazahua areas, said they did not attempt to fight back. "They tried to be as submissive as they could and tried to talk with the attackers," it was reported, but the assailants wouldn't listen. "They were angry and stirred up." The throng included the local Catholic priest, some town leaders, and soccer players, several of whom appeared drunk, reported Baptist Press.

"The attack apparently was a protest against the presence of evangelicals."

"Stories of this kind of thing go back as many as 50 years... but it always seems to strengthen the (evangelical) churches after something like this happens, because they bond and pull together to better work," one said.

Violence against evangelicals in other parts of Mexico is not new — press reports say it has been strong in the southern state of Chiapas and in the central state of Oaxaca.