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I Timothy 3:15

The Visit of the Pope

The Voice in the Wilderness
November 1995

Pope John Paul visited the U.S. for the fourth time recently. Since his reign, he has been constantly roaming from country to country, 160 nations in all, parading in his papal robes, displaying his charismatic disposition and smile, posing as the Vicar of Christ and celebrating mass. Never has he preached a sermon in any of the places to my knowledge, it has always been several performances of the same blasphemous ritual of the mass.

No other man would be so inconsiderate as to visit anywhere if his visit was going to cost millions of dollars for security and other trappings that had to be paid for by already financially strapped cities.

President Clinton and her husband were at the airport to meet him with red-carpet treatment; and Clinton got his picture on the front page of USA Today (October 5th issue) joining hands with the pope as the pontiff offered some type of prayer. Then the Clinton's attended one of his services and he was seen off at the airport by Mr. Gore and other dignitaries. Jesus Christ would not have gotten a more elaborate welcome.

But the pope came for a purpose other than that advertised. It was not just a friendly visit; he had come to strengthen his influence over not only Americans but all nations’ representatives at the UN where he made a speech.

There he asked that rich nations give more of their wealth to the poor. Did he not know that unless it would be oil-rich Arab nations, and they have never been known to share much with non-Islamic countries and their needs, that no developed country would have extra wealth to give to the poor?  

If he meant the U.S. (which no doubt he did), we are not rich anymore. The attitude of our politicians for at least 40 years had been spend and spend, loan and loan, and somehow spend ourselves into fiscal prosperity. Now the folly of it all has come home to be reckoned with.

A nation that has to raise the disgraceful national debt every year, and has to borrow more money to keep the government afloat, as we did again 2 weeks ago, cannot be classified as a rich nation. If the pope wants to be generous let him dispense some of the untold billions controlled by the Vatican and its branches around the world. No other organization on earth controls as much wealth as does the Roman machine.

He called for America to continue to keep the immigration doors wide open as if we are not already at a loss as to what to do with the millions, wanted and unwanted, useful and worthless, self supporters and leaches we already have plaguing and destroying our culture. Rome has bragged for years that by the stork and immigration, they would one day control all facets of American life. They are well on their way to that goal.

He scolded us for our law of capital punishment as if we were barbarians, and who is he to talk? What about the rivers of blood Romanism has shed through the centuries?

He let it be known that he does not approve of the Republicans’ plan to change the welfare system and control immigration. He of course spoke out against abortion and women priests but his main aim was to pose as a great peacemaker and as one who has it in his power to influence leaders of the whole world.

The pope is setting himself up to play the part of the leader of a one-world church, setting his trap under the guise of so-called “Christian unity.”

He is getting plenty of help from deluded so-called evangelical leaders, especially the traitors to the faith who sighed the Colson-Nehaus document, “Evangelicals and Catholics together, the Christian Mission in the Third Millennium.”

Such a set up will soon come along with the New World Order or One-World Government, and the two powers will go hand in hand to a certain point. However, in the end the False Prophet (head of the ecumenical World Church) and the antichrist (the One-World Leader) will be the first two occupants of the lake of fire and brimstone (see Revelation 19:20), when the Lord destroys all man-made organizations and sets up His eternal reign of truth and peace. Both these leaders mentioned are symbolized in Revelation 17.