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"...The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
I Timothy 3:15

The Jesus Christ Fills

the Pages of the Bible

In Genesis He is the Creator and Seed of the woman

In Exodus He is the Lamb of God for Sinners Slain

In Leviticus He is our High Priest

In Numbers He is the Star out of Jacob

In Deuteronomy He is the Prophet like unto Moses

In Joshua He is the Captain of the Lord's Hosts

In Judges He is the Messenger of Jehovah

In Ruth He is our Kinsman Redeemer

In Samuel He is the Despised and Rejected King

In Kings and Chronicles He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings

In Ezra and Nehemiah He is the Lord of Heaven and Earth

In Esther He is our Mordecai

In Job He is our Risen and Returning Redeemer

In Psalms He is the Blessed Man of Chapter 1

He is the Son of God of Chapter 2

He is the Son of Man of Chapter 8

He is the Crucified One of Chapter 22

He is the Risen One of Chapter 23

He is the Coming One of Chapter 24

He is the Reigning One of Chapter 72

He is the Leader of Praise of Chapter 150

In Proverbs He is our Wisdom

In Ecclesiastes He is the Forgotten Wise Man

In Song of Solomon He is my Beloved

In Isaiah He is our Suffering Substitute

In Jeremiah He is the Lord our Righteousness

In Lamentations He is the Man of Sorrows

In Ezekiel He is the Throne Sitter

In Daniel He is the Smiting Stone

In Hosea He is David's Greater King

In Joel He is the Lord of Bounty

In Amos He is the Rescuer of Israel

In Obadiah He is the De1iverer on Mount Zion

In Jonah He is the Buried and Risen Savior

In Micah He is the Everlasting God

In Nahum He is our Stronghold in the Day of Wrath

In Habakkuk He is the Anchor of our Faith

In Zephaniah He is in the Midst for Judgment and Cleansing

In Haggai He is the Lord of Presence and Power

In Zechariah He is the Smitten Shepherd

In Malachi He is the Son of Righteousness

In Matthew He is the King of the Jews

In Mark He is the Servant of Jehovah

In Luke He is the Perfect Son of Man

In John He is the Son of God

In Acts He is the Ascended Lord

In Romans He is our Righteousness

In 1 Corinthians He is the Firstfruits from among the Dead

In 2 Corinthians He is made Sin for Us

In Galatians He is the End of the Law

In Ephesians He is our Armor

In Philippians He is the Supplier of Every Need

In Colossians He is the Preeminent One

In 1 Thessalonians He is our Returning Lord

In 2 Thessalonians He is the World's Returning Judge

In 1 Timothy He is the Mediator

In 2 Timothy He is the Bestower of Crowns

In Titus He is our Great God and Savior

In Philemon He is the Father's Partner

In Hebrews He is the Rest of Faith and Fulfiller of Types

In James He is the Lord of Sabaoth

In 1 Peter He is the Theme of Old Testament Prophecy

In 2 Peter He is the Long Suffering Savior

In 1 John He is the Word of Life

In 2 John He is the Target of the Antichrist

In 3 John He is the Personification of Truth

In Jude He is the Believer's Security

In Revelation He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords