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I Timothy 3:15

Dresses vs. Pants

Mrs. Cathy Curie

From What in the World Should I Wear?

A friend of mine told me that her decision to restrict her wardrobe to dresses and skirts came as a result of a ladies' class. All the arguments and reasons that could be given were unheeded until the lady who was speaking said, "let me just demonstrate something to you."

She asked the ladies in the audience to close their eyes momentarily. She held up a large picture of a woman in an attractive, [modest] feminine skirt and blouse. She asked the ladies to open their eyes.

Then she inquired, "What is the primary focal point to this picture? Where did your eyes first fall naturally?" The audience agreed that their eyes were first drawn to the face of the woman in the picture.

She once again asked the ladies to close their eyes. When they opened their eyes they were looking at a large poster of a woman in a sport shirt and blue jeans. She asked, "Now, be honest with yourselves, and tell me where your eyes first fell naturally when you looked at this picture?"

Many of the ladies in the crowd were surprised to find that most people's eyes first focused upon the hips and crotch area that were so vividly emphasized before they ever noticed the woman's face.

If this happened in a crowd of ladies, how much more would it be true of men?