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I Timothy 3:15

Why Attend Church Regularly?

Rex Hensley

"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is." (Heb. 10:25)

Many folks attend church when the doors are open. This should be the attitude of every church member toward his church. Others attend church on Sunday but would not think about attending Prayer Meeting on Wednesday night. Still others attend church now and then as the urge strikes them. Then there are those who haven't been to church for months, or perhaps years, yet they all will say "I love the Lord, and I love to go to church, but..."

Some time ago I was witnessing to a man in a parking lot while we were both waiting for a store to open. I introduced myself to him, and we talked about things in general for a few minutes. After a little while, I asked him. "Do you know the Lord as Saviour?" He replied, "Yes, I am a Christian."

We talked about this for awhile, and he told me he was a Baptist. I then asked him where went to church, thinking perhaps I might know his pastor. "Oh," he said, "I haven't attended church regularly for many years." Then he told me he had become a church member when he was a child in another state. He said he often thought about church attendance but had not gone. I asked him this question: "If the work of the Lord had depended on you, what would have happened to it these past few years since you haven't been in church?" He had no answer.

Remember this: James 2:17 says, "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone." (Read the second chapter of James). Do not be deceived by the Devil and learn too late that you are lost. How can you show that you love the Lord without loving His church? The Bible tells us that Jesus loved the church and gave Himself for it. (Eph 5:25).

Why Attend Church Regularly?

I. The Bible Commands It.

Please note our text again. Throughout the Bible you will find that God has chosen a place for His people to meet Him. We have the Tabernacle in the wilderness. Then we have the Temple, and today we have New Testament churches.

II. If The Church Is To Continue To Stand, Someone Must Be Interested In It.

The man I mentioned in the introduction had not given toward the support of any local church. (That is the only kind we find in the Bible). If it were not for faithful Christians, the church doors would have to close; the lights would go out, the weeds would grow up, and it would cease to be a place where God meets with man. Praise God for faithful Christians. Their reward will be great in eternity. Would you like to live in a world where there were no churches? The great restraining element against the overwhelming forces of the Devil in our society is New Testament churches.

III. People Look At A Professing Christian's Life And Measure His Sincerity By His Interest In The Church.

A man may say, "I can be as good a Christian out of the Church as I can be in it." This is the Devil's lie! If the Devil has his way, he would close all the churches that preach the truth of the Word of God. If nobody went to church, he would succeed. A lost man will not think you are a good Christian if he sees you at home when church bells are ringing. Give this some thought: If the you are not happy attending the services in the Lord's churches, how happy would you be in His presence in Heaven? Eph. 3:21 says: "Unto him be glory in the church by Jesus Christ throughout all ages, world without end." Amen!

IV. It Is A Place To Be Fed Spiritually.

The primary ministry of a New Testament church is to preach the Word of God. IF this is done, folks will be saved. Christians will grow spiritually as they are fed the Word of God. There is no substitute for being in God's house. Watching television will not suffice for a visit to God's house. If you are trying to take short cuts concerning the things of God, you ought to check your heart. You may not be saved. "Ye must be born again" Jesus said. Spurgeon once said, "If your religion has not changed you, then change your religion."

V. Because Your Children Need To Be Taught Spiritual Values.

Where else but in Sunday School and church can one be taught the things of God? Your children have spiritual needs as well as physical needs. If you love them enough to feed and clothe them, why not love them enough to tell them of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. J. Edgar Hoover, late F.B.I. Director, said, "There are far less juvenile delinquents among young people who have been in Sunday School and church than there are among those whose parents have not taken them to the house of God."

Perhaps you think the public school system will instill spiritual values in your children. Well, forget that! They are taught the humanistic, evolutionary philosophy of origins and life. God said in Gen 1:27 "So God created he him; male and female created he them." They learn the truth in Sunday School where the Word of God is taught.