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Fossilized Human Tooth

Found at Glen Rose, Texas

The Searchlight

This article provided by Les Elder, Pastor of Cleburne Baptist Temple. Bro Elder has spent many hours helping to excavate this important discovery.

The writer was privileged to be present on June 16, 1987 when possibly the most important discovery since the beginning of the Creation/Evolution controversy began.

A fossilized human tooth found on the same level as dinosaur tracks by an archaeological team along the Paluxy River is proof of Creationism. The find has been verified by a number of scientists as a human tooth from a child between the ages of four and eight years old.

"The tooth was verified as an upper central right maxillary juvenile incisor," Carl E. Baugh, PhD, said. Baugh is head of the archaeological team.

Verification was made by Dr. Kenneth Hogan of Little Rock, Arkansas, who came to the scene after being notified of the find. Hogan holds both a doctor of medicine degree and a doctor of dental surgery degree.

The tooth is ebony black and 7.9 millimeters wide. Manganese oxide caused the coloration.

"The importance is we have incontrovertible evidence that man, dinosaur, and trilobites lived contemporarily," Dr. Baugh said.

The discovery of the tooth at the same level as the dinosaur tracks means the entire geological balance existed simultaneously, offering no evolutionist explanation.

Discovery of the tooth was made at 12:05 p.m., June 16 after the team had removed a layer of limestone weighing several tons. The find was 13 feet 2 inches from where we began, under 16 inches of limestone and one and a half inches into clay.

"I've named the man (from whom the tooth came) 'the Humanus Davidi Glen Rosii.' The common name will be the Glen Rose Man. The vernacular name is "Little David,'" Baugh said.

Exploration of the area near where the tooth was found began January 1, 1987. It was about 40 yards from where the dig began.

The exploration team consists of 30 scientists with 6 to 12 working at any one time.

Those working in the area at the time of the find included: Dr. Baugh; Rick Tingle of Tyler, Texas; Roger Helfenstine of St. Louis Park, Minnesota; Joe and Melinda Crews of Lubbock, Texas; Mark Lundy of Boulder, Colorado; Don and Mary Lou Del Mal of Plano, Texas; Don R. Patton of Dallas, Texas; and Johnny Shipman, Les Elder, and Harold Fruin from Cleburne Baptist Temple.

Among the international scientists who have visited the site to assist in the verification of the find and the tooth is Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith. Dr. Wilder-Smith holds four earned PhD's.

The land where the find was made has been in the McFall family. It was originally owned by G.E. McFall, father of the present owner.

There has been 179 dinosaur tracks and 54 man tracks found in the Glen Rose area, 150 of the dinosaur tracks and all of the man tracks were found on the McFall land.

In addition to finding the tooth, man tracks and a trilobite were found within a few inches of dinosaur tracks. These were all at the same level, indicating proof that man, dinosaur, and trilobite roamed the earth together. This completely devastates the evolution/geologic time frame, compressing over 400 million years into about 6 thousand. The Geologic Column shows trilobite at the bottom of the evolutionary scale, dinosaur in the middle, and man at the top.

National Geographic sent a research crew to examine this important find along with U.P.S. and many others.

Dr. Carl Baugh is Curator of the Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas. He is a preacher, author, and educator, and is available for speaking engagements. Dr. Baugh may be contacted at: Creation Evidences Museum, P.O. Box 309, Glen Rose, Texas 76043. Telephone (817) 897-3200