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Give Creationism, Evolution

Equal Time

James Kennedy

in The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette

Have you heard of the Scopes trial of 1925? At that time the only theory of origins that was allowed to be taught was creationism. The evolutionists, led by Clarence Darrow and the American Civil Liberties Union, went to court to overturn that law. Darrow said, "It is the height of bigotry to have only one theory of origins taught in our schools."

Today the bigotry is on the other foot. The same ACLU is doing its best to keep only one theory of origins taught in our schools because now it's evolution!

If all the facts on one side of a case are presented and all the facts on the other side are repressed, that's not education–that's brainwashing. It is precisely this brainwashing that has been going on in America for the past 50 years. I have never met a student in any public educational institution who could tell me one fact he or she learned in school that contradicted evolution.

This attempt to suppress all of the scientific evidence for scientific creationism is a form of censorship. It is exceedingly ironic that the ACLU, People For The American Way and others who cry out constantly against censorship, would be in the forefront of the attempt to censor this information.

Evolution has not established itself as an irrefutable fact, as its adherents would like people to believe, but rather it is crumbling on every side. The whole of evolution is in absolute chaos today, and the general public is not being made aware of this.

Evolutionists like to say that it is only a small group of fanatical zealots who are opposed to evolution. The truth is that a recent national poll disclosed that only 9 percent of the American people want only evolution taught in public schools, and 86 percent desire both evolution and scientific creationism to be taught in a balanced way.

Keep in mind that creationists are not trying to get rid of evolution. They are only trying to have a balanced treatment of both positions.

Scientific creationism does not deal with Genesis or the Bible but with biology, embryology, chemistry, astrophysics, anthropology and all sorts of similar subjects not found in the Bible. It deals with merely scientific evidence that points to one of the two models. Did life arise gradually, as evolutionists say, or did it arise abruptly?

It is interesting that in California, when the board of education refused to have creation taught with evolution, and amendment was proposed asking that the scientific evidence opposed to evolution be taught along with the scientific evidence supporting evolution. It was voted down. That is pure, unadulterated brainwashing–not education.

It is time for this brainwashing to end! The scientific facts for creation and evolution must be presented, and students must be allowed to make up their own minds. Now, that's education!