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I Timothy 3:15

Man’s Vain Explanations

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is the atheist/humanists doctrine of how the universe began. This theory teaches that in the beginning the matter of the whole universe was compressed into a tiny ball smaller than a pinpoint (where all this matter comes from is seldom discussed). Then (without cause) there was a tremendous explosion which, instead of disintegrating things into particles, assembled particles into things, and instead of destroying life created it! Explosions as observed today never do this; all observed explosions kill and destroy, producing chaos- never do they give life or produce order. Such an event certainly goes against all presently observed laws of nature.


Evolution is another theory essential to the atheist/humanist dogma. Evolution is the idea that one kind of being can give birth to another kind of being. Change within species, of course, happens all the time. There are, for example, a great variety of cats; but never does a cat give birth to a new kind of animal - which is what atheist/humanists are implying when they use the word evolution.

Evolution, of course, has never been observed. All observed births demonstrate the opposite -each living being gives birth only to a baby of its own kind just like the Bible stresses in Genesis chapter one. Nor is there any evidence in the fossil records that evolution ever happened. The "missing links" Darwin hoped would be discovered in the fossils have never been found. So, in spite of the constant atheist/humanist hype to the contrary, evolution is not science, but mere superstition. It is blind faith with no foundation.

Design without a Designer

For an automobile to be built, there must be a designer of high intelligence to design it, and begin a process requiring great energy to convert simple basic elements into complicated parts which can finally be assembled into an automobile. Never in the history of the universe has an automobile - or any complicated creation - come into existence by random chance without a designer. Just the opposite is the case; daily we see designers create things. Always, it takes a designer. Yet, atheist/humanists say that the universe with its myriad solar systems, and the human body with its exceedingly complicated brain, and all the plant and animal life on earth, all came into being by random chance without a designer! These atheist/humanist theories have not a foot to stand on.