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Foundation Magazine

Scientology continues to grow and deceive many in spite of the fact that it is based upon anti-biblical teachings.

Many people are being drawn into the movement without realizing its dangers because of the way it infiltrates and takes over many commercial establishments.

Established by the L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and its program called "Dianetics"-its foundation (which its founder and followers call "The modern science of mental health"), is based upon the teaching of Charles Darwin and his false theory of evolution.

The 1987 edition of Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard makes this clear on page 69 in the chapter titled "The Reactive Mind." We quote:

"It is fairly well accepted in these times that life in all forms evolved from the basic building blocks: the virus and the cell. Its only relevance to Dianetics is that such a proposition works–and actually that is all we ask of Dianetics. There is no point to writing here a vast tome on biology and evolution.

We can add some chapters to those things, but Charles Darwin did his job well and the fundamental principles of evolution can be found in his and other works. The proposition on which Dianetics was originally entered was evolution. It was postulated that the cells themselves had the urge to survive and that that urge was common to life. It was further postulated that organisms–individuals–were constructed of cells and were in fact aggregations of colonies of cells."

On page 70 the significant statement is made: "If there ever was a devil, he designed the reactive mind."

Don’t be deceived by this false teaching and join us in exposing its dangerous an deceptive presentations.