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Seventh Day Adventist Error

Foundation Magazine

Do Seventh Day Adventists Preach The Truth Or A Combination Of Truth And Error?

Because Seventh Day Adventists do proclaim many precious truths from the Word of God, some believers do not realize how much error is also included in their teachings.

It is not only a matter of the false teaching which makes supposed Sabbath keeping a condition for or evidence of salvation; but, by accepting writings of Seventh Day Adventist founder, Ellen G. White, as inspired.

The following quotations from a Seventh Day Adventist publication called Jesus Is Coming published by Morning Star Publishers is further evidence of their dangerous editions to the Word of God.

The following is quoted verbatim from the above publication and is taken from the book "Dreams and Visions" by Jeanine Sautron which is described by morning Star Publishers as "A powerful set of instructions, specifically provided for God's children living world wide in these last days. This God-inspired hard cover book of 255 pages is available for $20."

"The events of the End are preparing themselves rapidly. The Angel told me, 'Be ready morally because the mark of the beast will be put in operation in America, and that will come suddenly. Each one who wishes to be faithful will loose his or her liberty. This temptation of the mark of the beast will take the whole world by surprise and will trample under feet liberty of conscience.

“That country will compel free, slave, rich or poor, small and great to take that mark; each of us will have to make our choice, either for or against God.' The angel showed me that that mark is invisible, and its code is 666."

It must be kept in mind that it has always been a key distinctive of Adventist teaching that all who were non-Sabbath keepers would be those who would accept the "mark of the beast".

There is a vast difference between Seventh Day Adventists and Biblical Christianity which makes a clear distinction between Israel and the Church; between Law and Grace; between a works salvation and salvation through faith alone in the shed Blood of the Lamb.