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Is There a Red Heifer in Israel?

Carol Rushton

Has a red heifer been born in Israel? Israel Television and Hebrew newspapers recently reported that a red heifer was born at a youth village in Kfar Chasidim.

The heifer, currently a year and a half old, has been meticulously checked to see if she is completely red. If the heifer has even one white or black hair, or has any blemishes, it is immediately disqualified.

So far, none have been found.

Orthodox Jews have been trying for a number of years to breed cows in order to produce a red heifer, but all their attempts have failed. However, even the ultra-Orthodox have accepted this animal as a possible candidate for being the red heifer.

The heifer, nicknamed "Zaleel" which means "sound" in Hebrew, was born to two ordinary-looking black and white cows. Zaleel is now receiving special treatment. She has been separated from the other cows so that she will not be in danger of receiving accidental kicks or blows from the other animals. She grazes in a special pen and no one is even allowed to ride her.

A red heifer must be three years old before it can be sacrificed. After another year and a half, the heifer will be rechecked. If at that time all the hairs are still reddish-brown and doesn’t have any marks or blemishes, the heifer will be sacrificed. Its remains will be burned with certain special woods and the resulting ashes will be mixed with water.

After this process, any Jew who comes into contact with the ashes is cleansed from all impurities and will be able to walk upon the Temple Mount. Even though there are millions of Jews who need to be purified, only a small amount is necessary, allowing the ashes to last up to ten years.

The birth of a red heifer has special significance for the Levis and Cohens who are now being trained to serve as priests and re-institute the Temple sacrifices. In order to serve as priests in the Jewish Temple, Cohens and Levis must be purified according to Jewish religious law. At this time, there are no Cohens and Levis that are qualified. However, the ashes of this red heifer can now make this purification process possible, once more allowing Cohens and Levis to be able to serve in any future Temple that is built on the Temple Mount.

Orthodox Jews strongly believe the birth of this red heifer is another definite sign that points to the SOON coming of the Messiah and the rebuilding of the Temple.