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I Timothy 3:15

No Separation of Mosque and State

The cat is finally out of the bag. Children may pray and worship in public school—but only if they are Muslims. A December 1 New York Post article states:

“Who says students can’t pray in public school? The Board of Education allows Muslim students to worship in school buildings during the holy month of Ramadan, the Post has learned.

“One Brooklyn high school gives Islamic students special privileges to be 15 minutes late for class and to turn the auditorium into a makeshift mosque for their daily prayer vigil.”

The Post report continued,

“At Lafayette HS, also in Bensonhurst, students get a special pass to be late to seventh period so they can pray in the school auditorium. Muslim students said the prayers usually take 15 minutes. They said they appreciated Lafayette’s religious tolerance.

“The school let’s us do our own prayer. It’s beautiful,’ said Umit Kulug, a 17-year-old senior from Turkey. ‘They let 100 of us boys and girls pray together in a big auditorium. Some of the non-Islamic students get a pass to watch us pray.’ Kulug said teachers even help students catch up on what they missed in class.

“Prayer rooms are provided at other high schools, including Brooklyn Tech and International HS in Long Island City, Queens.”

The same article also notes, “The accommodation of Muslim students comes only weeks after Brooklyn Shallow Intermediate School in the Bensonhurst section painted over a playground mural dedicated to neighbourhood youths who died because it featured Jesus Christ.”

Let me get this straight. Public schools do not allow their students to sing Christmas songs that mention Christ. Manager scenes are not allowed. And Christian children may not read their Bible or pray, because they are told it violates the “separation of church and state.” Under this rubric, even murals that mention Jesus Christ are painted over.

Yet, Muslim children are allowed to conduct mass prayer meetings during school time, in school buildings, and teachers will even help them make up any missed work. And all this is done without anyone raising an objection.

Any honest observer should realize that this call for the “separation of church and state” is in reality nothing more than a thinly veiled attack against America’s historic, Christian foundation. In a world ruled by liberals, Christians are told that their sacred symbols and their personal expressions of faith have no place in public life. At the same time, however, Muslims are assured that there is no separation of mosque and state.