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I Timothy 3:15

School Abuses Provoke Public Backlash

The Baptist Challenge

On September 13, 1996, Mary's (not her real name) 13-year-old son came home from school badly upset. At first he was reluctant to talk, but finally, tearfully, he let it out: The school counselor had labeled him a possible homosexual in front of his entire class.

Nor was he the only one. Earlier that day, student counselor Debra Blumthal entered a middle school class room in Pana, Illinois. She administered a personality test to students, asked them to raise their hands to indicate their individual scores, and announced the personality traits of each group to the class. Those who received one particular score were told that they could be gay.

This incident and others have sparked a raging controversy that has engulfed the entire school system. In this small (pop. 6,000) Illinois town, crowds of between 400 and 500 have packed school board meetings, and approximately 40 students perhaps more have been withdrawn from school.

(Note from E. L. Bynum: This is all a part of the idiotic and satanic plans that are being instituted. They plan to change the morals and ideals that are implanted in our children by the parents and the church. The Goals 2,000 program is a part of this over all scheme. Parents should rise up and save their children from this awful future.)