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I Timothy 3:15

Strategy in the Schools

The broad strategy of the attack being waged through education is to alter the child’s general outlook on life. This strategy is pursued by providing textbooks, literature, and other teaching materials that promote the humanistic philosophy. Such items permeate the educational system.

One of the main thrusts in this assault on the conscience of the child is the “values clarification” approach. This is a cleverly calculated scheme to get the child to renounce the values he has learned at home and develop his own values. To encourage the child to make the change, the humanistic material tries to convince the child that all values are of equal worth, that whatever values are right for him are right,period. He is taught that there are no absolutes, no such thing as right and wrong. In choosing his value system, the child is urged to use a seven-step approach.

1. Choose the value freely, that is, without guidance from any other source, whether parents, church or society.

2 Make the choice from a set of alternatives, including those different from the values of parents, church or society.

3. Make the choice after considering consequences, again, from the child’s own understanding and without the help of parents, church or society.

4. Be proud of the value chosen because it is the child’s very own, arrived at with the guidance of his own personal feelings.

5. Make the choice public and stand by it, be courageous enough to profess the value openly and influence peers to adopt it.

6. Act on the value, take steps to put the principle into practice.

7. Act on the value regularly, make it a part of a lifestyle that characterizes the child.

To even the semi-alert Christian, this approach waves a red warning flag at every step.

First, it’s sheer nonsense to suggest that a child can choose values without any help from anyone. Since the usual sources of guidance are forbidden, parents, church and community, the child is left at the mercy of the suggestions inherent in the humanistic approach itself. And what are those suggestions? Reject everything you’ve been taught by your parents, anything you may have heard in the church or read in the Bible, all that the traditions of your community hold to be proper conduct, and “do your own thing.” Forget about right and wrong. Whatever you “feel” to be right for you is right.