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I Timothy 3:15

Ways to Encourage Your

Child to do Drugs

1. Never eat together as a family.

2. Never have family traditions which occur weekly, monthly or annually that children can look forward to.

3. Never listen to your children — talk at them but not with them.

4. Never let your children experience cold, fatigue, adventure, injury, risk, challenge, experimentation, failure, frustration, discouragement, etc.

5. Teach them to “do as I say — not as I do.”

6. Leave the responsibility of spiritual training and development to the schools and church, but don’t teach them at home.

7. When confronted with the choice of whether spending your time or money on a material pursuit or on a family activity, always choose the material.

8. Expect your child to achieve, to win, but don’t teach him the principle of life of living. Let him learn them on his own.

9. Take a “pick-up pill” in the morning followed by a “relaxant” at night.

10. Never correct your children appropriately, but uphold them before the law, school, church and friends as “not my boy.”

11. Undermine the role of the father in the home: never have the father’s influence in the home; don’t stay together for the sake of the children; or better yet, get a divorce.

12. Always pick up after him — never let him take any responsibility.

13. Keep your home atmosphere in a state of chaos.

14. Always solve his problems — make his decisions.

15. Be too busy with business, civic or social life to spend time with your children. Or, if you do happen to have time, spend it together — watching television.

16. Don’t teach them while they are young. Wait until they are old enough to learn and decide right or wrong for themselves.