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I Timothy 3:15

What is Hell?

Roland Starr

The Cornerstone Challenge

Men Say:

Hell has been watered down and explained away by many who claim to believe the Bible. C. S. Lewis, who was not a true Christian, said hell is "a state of mind left to itself." A Roman Catholic priest recently said, "We are free to describe hell as we choose..."

Donald Bloesch, a professor at Dubuque Theological Seminary stated, "The doctrine of hell has passed out of conversation and preaching , even in conservative evangelical churches." The most noted authority of all, Billy Graham, began by preaching a literal, eternal hell. The Orlando Sentinel (4/10/83) says in response to a question about hell, he replied: "I think that hell is essentially separation from God forever... I think that the fire that is mentioned in the Bible is a burning thirst for God that can never be quenched." Notice: he said, "I think." Billy Graham loves to say, "The Bible says," but in reality he believes very little of the Bible.

Not long ago U.S. News & World Report had an article showing that today very few religious leaders, if any, believe in a literal hell with fire, etc. BUT DOES THAT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE? WHAT MEN THINK MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO GOD!

What Does God Say?

In Luke 16 Jesus showed us a man in hell! Four times it says he was in torment! It says the man was tormented in "this flame." If it wasn't a real flame why did Jesus clearly indicate that it was? Was Jesus, the Son of God, unable to say what he means and mean what He says?

All the disciples and early church fathers believed hell was a real place with real fire - FOREVER! Furthermore, common sense tells you that if hell is not real, then heaven is not real. The Word of God says the man who died without Christ was in "this place of torment." Speaking about heaven, and to those who believe on Him, Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you." (John 14:3). You can't have it both ways; if there is no hell, there is no heaven!

Many think that if a majority, believe or disbelieve something, then that's the way it is. But this is ridiculous! Men believed for centuries that the world was flat. The Bible said it was round. Who was right? The world refused to believe God's message of judgment in Noah's day and they perished. Their unbelief did not change anything.

Who Will You Believe?

Will you believe a man, or will you believe God? Will you take the word of a man or the Word of Jesus Christ? Read the Old Testament prophets. . . the people invariably believed the false prophets who spoke "smooth things." The true men of God spoke of judgment but were ignored, rejected and often killed. If Jesus didn't die to save you from hell, because of your sins, why did He die? Was it all a mistake? Was it for nothing?

HONESTLY, ARE YOU READY TO FACE GOD THIS MOMENT? If someone said you were very sick and you'll not see another day, could you honestly say, "It's all right. I'm not afraid to die. There's no judgment, there's no hell." Would you call a doctor? A priest or preacher? You know you are a sinner. You know you must face a holy God. He loves you and sent His Son to pay for your sins.

Trust Christ and be saved. You say, "I'll take my chances." God says, "IT IS APPOINTED UNTO MAN ONCE TO DIE BUT AFTER THIS THE JUDGMENT." Without Christ you have no chance. "BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THOU SHALT BE SAVED." Saved from what? Hell! Fire! Torment! Forever!