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Billy Graham’s Views on Hell

F. B. F.

News Bulletin

In the July-August, 1984, issue of Decision, pp. 1-2, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association presented a sermon by the noted evangelist entitled, "There Is A Real Hell." The printed sermon both deletes and denies the Biblical truth concerning the doctrine of hell.

According to Dr. Graham, there are at least "three kinds of hell." Hell in the heart, hell in society, and a future hell. The bulk of Dr. Graham's sermon centers around the sinfulness of human nature and the wickedness of secular society, which he claims are the first two types of hell. While the Scriptures portray the reality of both the sinfulness of human nature and the wickedness of secular society, the Word of God never states or implies that these constitute the place called "hell".

Dr. Graham's total content regarding a future hell is contained in the brief statement "third, there is hell in the future, and it goes on and one..." The noted preacher then pursues to pose the heretical possibility which he states he has positively considered (and obviously desires his millions of readers to likewise consider and potentially accept!) that he has "often wondered if hell is a terrible burning within our heart for God, to fellowship with God, a fire that we can never quench."

The Bible nowhere presents hell under the description Dr. Graham gives. Nowhere does the Word of God indicate that the rebellious, depraved, defiant, sinful heart of men who have rejected Christ in this life will drastically change to suddenly long for fellowship with God in eternity. Wicked hearts that crave sensual perverted gratification in this earthly life will continue to desire that sensual gratification in eternity, without a moment's satisfaction or pleasure.

If hell in the future can be redefined as an insatiable appetite for God, then the sinful state of human nature and the wicked actions of society which Dr. Graham claims are present hell can also be redefined as "longing for God," which is utterly ridiculous.

Similar to the cults of our generation, Dr. Graham has employed terminology concerning hell that is familiar to the Scriptures, but he utilizes a different dictionary. In redefining this vital Bible doctrine, Billy Graham has declared his allegiance with the blasphemous apostasy of our day.