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"...The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
I Timothy 3:15

A Christmas Poem That

Tells It Like It Is

C. G. Monroe

Why do you teach the children to love me?
It seems so very odd
When there is a true and holy
Real and loving God
Who sent His Son down from glory
To save and redeem all from sin.

Why do you make so much of me

When He's real and I can't begin
To bring them the joy that the Lord can
If only you'll give Him room?
For He's real and I'm just a fable –
I couldn't rise from a tomb.

Some say I'm the spirit of Christmas,
But the Spirit of Christmas is real.
It's seen in a heart filled with gladness
Walking in God's holy will.

Remember, the prophet Isaiah
Foretold Christmas long years ago
And others down through the ages
That when Christ came all might know.

So please remember that Christmas
Belongs to Christ, not to me.
Oh, worship the Lord of creation;
He gave His life for thee –
His story's true. He's real, you see!
He lives and reigns through eternity!

So friends, no longer be so very, very odd,
But tell them the truth of the living God.
Down from the pearly white city He came,
God of creation, praise His dear name!

He lived, died, and rose again while earth He trod –
The Son of the living God!