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I Timothy 3:15

Humanism Defined

J. Mel Gabler

Textbook Researcher, Box 7518, Longview, TX 75607.

From Pulpit Helps, Feb. 1984

Exactly what is humanism? Its godless teachings are as follows:

1. Evolution: Man gradually emerged by chance from lower forms of life over millions of years.

2. Self Authority (Individual Autonomy): Man is his own authority and is not accountable to any higher power. This "self sufficiency" generates self-interest, self-gratification, self-indulgence, and self-righteousness.

3. Situation Ethics: There are no absolute rules by which to live. Thus, man is the final authority for his actions, based on existing circumstances.

4. Distorted Realism: All should be exposed to diverse "realistic" viewpoints, including emphasis on profanity, immorality, and perversions as acceptable modes of "self-expression." In practice this includes children of any age.

5. Sexual Permissiveness: All forms of sexual expression are acceptable. Public sex education is considered necessary provided it is taught without Judeo-Christian morals.

6. Anti-Biblical Bias: Man creates God out of his own experiences.

7. Anti-Free Enterprise: Government ownership or control of the economy would replace private ownership of property and the free market economy. This economic "collectivism" is known as "Big Brother Government," "Cradle-to-Grave" welfare, or outright socialism.

8. One-World Government: "Global citizenship" would replace national self-determination.

9. Death Education: There is no hope of existence beyond the grave–no heaven or hell. Euthanasia and suicide are endorsed.