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I Timothy 3:15

Humanism is a Religion

The Norman Pyle Report

Human Events

The Humanist magazine, the house organ of the religion of Humanism, recently conducted an essay contest and published the prize-winning essays in its January-February 1983 issue. One startlingly frank essay by John J. Dunphy, called "A Religion for a New Age," lays all the Humanist cards on the table. Some direct quotations from this anti-Christian diatribe follow:

"I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as proselytizers of a new faith; a religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being.

“These teachers must embody the same selfless dedication as the most rabid fundamentalist preachers, for they will be ministers of another sort, utilizing a classroom instead of a pulpit to convey humanist values in whatever subject they teach, regardless of the educational level – preschool day care or large state university.

“The classroom must and will become an area of conflict between the old and the new – the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery and the new faith of Humanism, resplendent in its promise of a world in which the never-realized Christian idea of ‘Love thy Neighbor’ will finally be achieved."

So there you have it. To parody a famous line, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Humanist religion. Yes, Virginia, Humanist preachers are teaching their religion in the public schools."

And it is more aptly called "Secular Humanism," because it has substituted faith in man for faith in God.

Every time a teacher rejects or refuses to recognize God’s moral law as codified in the Ten Commandments, and tells the child that we cannot or should not be judgmental about stealing, lying, killing, maiming, blaspheming, fornication or coveting, that teacher is teaching the religion of Humanism.

Every time a teacher rejects or ridicules the notion that God created man and the earth, that teacher is teaching the religion of Humanism.

It is time to expose the hypocrisy of those who have so dogmatically chased God and the Bible out of the schools in the name of freedom of religion, and then forced their own Humanist religion on the children instead.