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I Timothy 3:15

The Top Ten Americans Who Might Have Been Put on Ritalin

10. George Washington was sent home from school because he couldn't sit still in math class.

9. Benjamin Franklin found it great fun to give a mild electrical shock to house guests with his leyden jar.

8. Thomas Edison was sent home to his mother after only two months of schooling, the teachers stated that he was unable to concentrate.

7. Wilbur Wright kept taking his mothers sewing machine apart.

6. Orville Wright always helped.

5. Henry Clay talked to chickens.

4. Henry Ford had so much trouble in traditional school that once successful he set out to create a school for boys where they could touch everything.

3. Robert Fulton neglected his lessons in order to work on machinery, this practice landed him a rap on the knuckles as his teacher insisted "I will make you do something."

2. James Fenimore Cooper's love of freedom and roving disposition got him expelled from Yale.

1. Abraham Lincoln tried to convince his mother that his brother had walked on the ceiling by holding him upside down so that he could leave muddy footprints on it.