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"...The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
I Timothy 3:15

A Missionary’s Disappointment

R. S.

It was years ago, to the mission field God called us to go;
On deputation we visited churches from place to place,
It was wonderful to see God’s people running the race;
The preaching and doctrine was gun barrel straight,
It was Satan and sin they had grown to hate;
The Bible they used was never abused,
It was the old K.J.V., God’s preserved Word for you and me.
The music was from above,
The kind the saints of old did love;
They came to worship God from near and far,
They came in buses, vans and cars;
God was exalted as the saints lifted their voices,
For theirs were not worldly but godly choices;
They dressed themselves in a godly way,
A testimony for the Lord night and day;
Now after many years,
We returned to the churches with disappointment and tears;
So many of them are cold and dead,
Christ the Lord, no longer their Head;
The preaching is watered down and short,
Often put aside for recreation and sports;
The Bible they use is any new version,
Not the Word of God, but a subtle perversion;
They come not to worship God but to be entertained,
They come to clap their hands, their fleshly feelings to maintain.
The music they play and sing is not from above,
It is that rock beat they have grown to love;
Some have gone so far astray, they boldly say,
Church is a real ball, just like the dance hall;
Now they dress themselves like the world without,
Is it any wonder that the unsaved should doubt?
The men dress like women, and the women like men,
The approval of the world to win;
Earrings in the ear, nose, eyes and mouth,
The angels can’t tell which is Rachel and which is Ralph;
If these things sadden and disappoint the true saints today,
What will our precious Lord have to say on that awful Judgment Day?