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I Timothy 3:15

Missionary Furlough

Phil Gavila

In spite of talk now and then that furlough is a waste of time I propose why I think it is a gift from God:

A. Benefits to the Churches

1. They receive a personal report from the man they support.
2. They are stirred in missions be his preaching.
3. The pastors can question him as to specifics.
4. Young couples answer the call to the field under his preaching. Acts 13:2; 16:10.
5. Couples who have answered the call can receive orientation as to language training, deputation, or culture shock.

B. Benefits to the Missionaries

1. They can visit their parents while they are still living.
2. They can re-gain their physical health.
3. They can receive additional training.
4. They can gain a vision from other men of God.
5. They can raise more support to combat inflation.
6. They can obtain new equipment.
7. They pick up new ideas and fresh methods to stay out of ruts.
8. They can acquaint their children with their national heritage.
9. They can gain an objective view of themselves.
10. They can understand better the wishes of pastors and churches.
11. They can acquaint themselves with their pastor and home church. Acts 14:26-28.

C. Benefits to the National Churches

1. It provides an objective view from a distance of the weak links in the national church.
2. New Testaments and literature can be obtained from them.
3. The quality of a missionary’s work is tested during his absence.
4. Native leadership develops during his absence.