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I Timothy 3:15

The Missionary Questionnaire

Ted Huston

A Concerned Independent Baptist Pastor

Missionary Been A. Christian
Address: N2 All the World
Bro. C. D. Mote, Pastor
No Flaws Baptist Church
No. Judge, ME

Dear Pastor,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I trust this letter finds you well and enjoying God's blessings on your life. We are laboring faithfully for the Lord here in All the World, and God is adding rewards to our eternal accounts daily. We are wanting to be good stewards of God's treasures, and don't want to be wasteful of any of these rewards.

Therefore I have enclosed a questionnaire that I am asking you to fill out and return to me so that I can evaluate whether or not it is good stewardship for us to continue to have you receive these treasures of eternal rewards. Not wanting to waste God's treasures, we feel we must weed out from our Supporting churches those churches which do not merit the rewards of what God is doing here. I hope you understand that these rewards are limited.

If you wish to continue to receive our eternal rewards, then you will please fill out the enclosed questionnaire and return it to us at your earliest convenience. Once we have received this questionnaire we will examine it and make a prayerful decision as to whether or not we will allow you to continue to support our ministry and receive our rewards. I hope this will not be too time consuming for you, and I trust you will understand that we are not trying to be critical or judgmental; but only good stewards of the grace of God that has been given to us.

Thank you for your time and compliance with this request.

Respectfully Yours,

Been A. Christian, Missionary


1. Do you have a television in your home?

2. Do you have a computer in your home?

3. Do you have Internet in your home?

4. Do you have Nintendo, or other electronic games in your home?

5. How many hours of television do you watch a week? What shows do you regularly watch?

6. How many hours a week does your wife spend watching television? What shows does she watch     regularly?

7. How many hours a week do your children spend watching television? What shows do they watch     regularly?

8. How many hours a week do you spend soul winning?

9. How many hours a week do you spend praying

10. How many hours a week do you spend studying?

11. What is your personal annual salary? (Please attach a financial statement from last year, including       expenditures and their necessity.)

12. How many benefits do you receive from the church and what do all of these benefits amount to in       dollars?

13. Does your church provide you with a car?

14. Do you play golf? How often?

15. Do you fish? How often?

16. Do you take a vacation?

17. What Bible College did you graduate from?

18. What Conferences or meetings have you attended in the last fifteen years?

19. When was the last time you led someone to Christ?

20. Do you ever receive offerings from Southern Baptists, Neo Evangelicals, Pentecostals, or Catholics that      attend your services?

21. How many square feet is your house?

22. How many personal vehicles do you own? Please list the makes and years.

23. Do you have a personal savings account? If so how much do you have in this account?

24. Do you have stocks, bonds, or a 401K? Please list these and their total worth.

25. What kind of nightclothes does your wife wear to bed?

26. What kind of nightclothes do you wear to bed?

27. Have your kids ever gotten into any trouble in the church, school, or with the law? If so please explain

28. Do you have money to take your wife out to eat? How often do you take your wife, and\or family out      to eat?

29. Do you ever read anything other than the Bible?

30. Do you ever do anything other than go soul winning?

31. Do you ever frequent any place other than the church?

32. Are you sure you are called of God?

33. Do you feel that you are worthy of our letting you support our ministry? Please write no less than ten      pages single spaced to explain to us why we should let you support us.

May God bless you. I trust you will not find these questions too intrusive. We appreciate your helping us with this matter.

Been A. Christian

P. S. If you choose not to answer any or all of these questions, you will be automatically removed from being allowed to support our work.