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"...The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
I Timothy 3:15


Orval V. Brewer

I looked up the word in Webster's book
For ages it has been around.
It means, "All religions should cooperate
And in peace and love abound!"

I remember when first I heard the word;
It was spoken by well-meaning men.
But when faced with the results of this compromise
It was obvious that this was SIN!

The religionists say, "We must forget our differences
And in love and harmony sing!"
But the Bible says, "Come out from among them
And touch not the unclean thing."

This error began back in ancient times;
They called it a "Brotherhood of Men".
Then a proposal was made called "Common Cause".
And the sheep were invited in!

"Evil communications corrupt good manners,"
I once heard a teacher say.
And accommodation with error for a period of time
Will lead the sheep astray!

The sheep thrive only with the Shepherd's care
And its Spiritual Food they need!
But the goats will eat most anything
And on the trash of the world they feed.

The True Gospel Message is rarely preached
In the average church today;
The "Psychology of Self" is now proclaimed,
And the sheep are being led astray!

The false shepherd's sound forth on every hand
And the multitudes follow them;
But the True Shepherd is calling His own by name
And the sheep only follow Him!

Some say, "All religions will lead us to Heaven."
But wait, what did Jesus say?
"No man can enter except by me!
And there is no other way!"

"I am the good shepherd, and I know my sheep
And they are saved for evermore;
And by me they enter the Heavenly fold

Because I am the only door!"