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I Timothy 3:15

Generational Blessings:

The Genealogical Case of Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards was a committed Christian who married a godly young lady. Some 1,394 descendants of his were traced through genealogical studies.

Family records reveal that of the 295 who graduated from college, 13 became college presidents and 65 became college professors. Three were elected as United States senators and three as governors.

There was one who became dean of a law school, 100 were lawyers, and 30 were judges.

One hundred were missionaries, preachers, or prominent authors, 80 held some form of public office, of whom three were mayors of large cities. One became the comptroller of the U.S. Treasury, 56 practiced as physicians, and one was the dean of a medical school.

One became vice-president of the United States and 75 were officers in the military.