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"...The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
I Timothy 3:15

An Illustration from Noah’s Life

God said, `Noah, there is going to be a flood.' What did Noah do? He built the ark. God told him just how to build it, so long and so wide. After many years the flood came.

What did Noah do? He did the easiest thing in the world. Noah got saved out of the flood without any trouble at all. He just walked into the ark and sat down. He didn't even have to shut the door. God shut the door. Not even spray from the waves could get in. Noah just walked into the ark and sat down, and God shut the door!

Most of you would have tried to swim through the flood. But, brother, listen: God provided Jesus Christ, the Ark of Safety, and you can walk into the Ark and sit down. I can imagine Noah sitting there saying, "All right, Ham, go feed the elephants."

I can imagine him teaching a parrot to talk, or talking to his wife and having a good time.

"But, Noah, aren't you afraid of this flood?"

"No, the flood is none of my business. I just got in the ark and the Lord shut the door. This flood doesn't worry me at all. That is the Lord's business."

Isn't it wonderful to get in the Ark, to quit working and rest! Are you in the Ark? Have you quit trying to swim through the wrath of God ? Have you given up trying to make it by your own valor, or strength, or wisdom, or goodness? Have you come into the Ark?

Thank God, I am in the Ark resting!