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"...The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
I Timothy 3:15

Powerless Preaching

A great deal of preaching today is weak and pointless. It is so weak, if it was poison it wouldn't kill anybody and if it was medicine, it wouldn't cure anybody.

The point of a good deal of it seems to be to entertain the congregation and to help them like the preacher.

Someone said, "We are suffering today from a weak pulpit and pointless preaching. We have clever speakers but few prophets; we have too few fearless speakers for God and truth. We have the best paid and best educated ministry but too much of it is popular, flabby and insipid and stirs neither heaven nor hell."

Many speak as though their calling is to make people comfortable in their sin. Vance Havner said, "God pity the preacher who has grown cross-eyed watching certain faces in the congregation to observe whether the message is acceptable or not."

God's message is "Repent." It is "Be ye holy." It is "Come ye separate."

The average preacher reminds me of a radio personality many years ago; he always came on the air saying, "Is everybody happy." It takes courage to be God's man! Seems like few have it.

Spurgeon and a friend were walking when the friend pointed out a store with a sign in the window: "Wanted - 50 tons of bones."

Spurgeon said, "Yes, and mostly backbones!"

Preacher, better remind yourself that God is watching. Are we going to cater to the worldly, carnal crowd or be obedient to God? If there is one thing the Church of Jesus Christ needs in this hour, it is men who are afraid of nothing but God; men whose only ambition is to please the Lord of Glory.

A. W. Tozer said he noticed as a young Christian many preachers "spoke so gingerly, so apologetically that one got the impression that they would rather remain silent forever than offend anyone."