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I Timothy 3:15

Baptist Succession

C. B. Stovan

It has ever been the policy of Rome to destroy as far as possible, not only the true Church itself, but every vestige of its history. This fell design has led Romish authors to make the effort to blacken the character of the true Churches, by accusing their members of almost every crime which satanic malice could invent.

And they have so far succeeded in their purpose as to make the impression on the multitude, that there is no church succession independent of Rome, and all other churches came out of the Catholic Church!

Baptists are not Protestants. They have never been a part of any other denomination, therefore have never had to make a protest. Baptist have always been a separate and independent denomination.

Baptists have with one voice, denied any connection with the Romish apostasy at any time, and claimed their origin as a church from Jesus Christ and the Apostles. If this claim of Baptists is true, we should ever be willing and able to furnish the evidence of such.

While some agree that the Baptist Succession does exist, or that the Baptist Churches have continued from the time of Christ to the present, yet they, at the same time deny that the succession can be proved.

This is wholly inconsistent; for no one has the right to believe that which cannot be proved. There can be no intelligent faith without evidence. If we have no evidence to prove a Succession, it is out of the question to affirm that we believe in the existence of such a Succession.