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I Timothy 3:15

Is Sanity a Reality?

J. W. Hiebert

Missionary to Arizona

There are times when a person must take an overall look at where we are going in this old world. Because things are so mixed up people do not know if the standards of the Bible are really applicable for today or not.

The world about us puts up such a fuss about the killing of Seals, Whales, Elephants, and other animals because of ecological purposes, in order to keep "Mother Earth" happy. But contrast the biggest farce of the Century: that we not only be allowed to kill our babies by abortion by the millions but we do it with Government grants.

How absolutely ridiculous is the standard of the world: You are allowed to be enthusiastic about adultery, abortions, and alcohol. You may be ecstatic about the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, and the teachings of Buddha. You may curse, carouse, covert and cripple the mind in many ways, but don’t ever say the word, "Bible."

You may be an avid booster and user of Drugs, be in agreement with liberal practices of Divorce, be a general proponent of Disorderliness and Debauchery. But Oh me, do not mention the Goodness of God.

Your flesh may be enslaved to all Forms of Evil, be engrossed in the Teachings of Evolution, and Ooze with the pride of Self-Elevation. You may be for Fraternizing with the old Devil, Foster hatred in your mind, and Form Wicked Opinions about the saints of God. But Oh don’t slight the Blight and Rail the accomplishments of a more enriched society! (Enlightenment is that it?) But don't you dare mention God’s Holiness.

You may be a Go-getter for Gays, Ghouls, and Gross Delusions of Grandeur. It seems all right to chase after Harlots, Filthy Humor, and Horoscope Mania, but just don’t take God serious and follow His standards of Righteousness.

There is no negative attitude in the world towards any who are taken up with Burning Incense to False-gods, Worshipping of Icons, and Winking at Incest. It is all right to be filled with hateful Jealousy, to Cheat, Kill and Lie. Just as long as you never refer to God’s Justice.

You may be Neutral, Believe Nothing, be all taken up with Nirvana, and Strip the mind of all sense of Morality at a Nudist camp. You may Beg, be Lazy and Loaf, you can Rob, Riot and Retaliate against helpless, victimized People, just don’t care enough to bring a Skeptic person Knowledge of the only Way, Truth and Life.

You may pour out of your mouth the doctrines of Re-incarnation, Spiritualism, Swap and Walk bodies, talk of Space Projection by means of the Mind, look into Crystal Balls, play with Numbers and live under your Lucky Star, see Little People that come from Outer-Space. You may Converse with the dead Ancestors, Sacrifice dogs, Cows and Children and Encase their little Hearts in Glass. But Biblical Christianity, oh how weird.

You may Strip for Playboy, Streak, Star in a Filthy, Ungodly Movie and still be thought of as Resourceful and Ye Old Pillar. You may bow down to Mother Earth as your god, take a turn at Mass-Murder, and Mutilation of Human bodies, and it is all Blamed on "Religious Parents" and their "Inhibitions", the result of Moral demanding "Do-Gooders."

The moment a person is regenerated and their Trust is in the Lord Jesus Christ, the moment he begins to speak of the Bible, or when God becomes your Authority for life and existence, when you actually expect the personal guidance of the Holy Spirit, and when you do not go along and Justify the sinful acts of men as just a disease, then you become the “Lunatic."

You are not sane if you Love God, if you are a Slave to the Holiness, Righteousness and the Justice of God. You will suddenly lose the favor of the world, the Devil and the Old Man within.

The World is turned upside down, but not in the way that it was in the days of the disciples of the Lord in the Book of Acts. Isaiah 5:20, says, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

In this kind of world, many of these people would have the nerve to claim that they actually believe they are going to heaven.

Again Isaiah 8:20 speaks, "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because they have no light in them."

God help us!