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I Timothy 3:15

Hope Doesn’t Disappoint

Once upon a time, certain strong laborers were sent forth by the great King to level a primeval forest, to plow it, to sow it, and to bring to him the harvest.

They were stout-hearted and strong, and willing enough for labor, and much they needed all their strength and more.

One stalwart laborer was named Industry--consecrated work was his.

His brother Patience, with muscles of steel, went with him, and tired not in the longest days under the heaviest labors.

To help them they had Zeal, clothed with ardent and indomitable energy.

Side by side there stood his kinsman Self-denial, and his friend Importunity.

These went forth to their labor, and they took with them, to cheer their toils, their well-beloved sister Hope; and well it was they did, for they needed the music of her consolation before the work was done, for the forest trees were huge and demanded many sturdy blows of the axe before they would fall upon the ground.

One by one the giant forest kings were overthrown, but the labor was immense and incessant.

At night when they went to their rest, the day's work always seemed so slight, for as they crossed the threshold, Patience, wiping the sweat from his brow, would be encouraged, and Self-denial would be strengthened by hearing the sweet voice of Hope within singing

"God will bless us; God, even our own God, will bless us."

They felled the lofty trees to the music of that strain; they cleared the acres one by one, they tore from their sockets the huge roots, they delved the soil, they sowed the corn and waited for the harvest, often much discouraged. but they still held to their work as by silver chains and golden fetters by the sweet sound for the voice that chanted so constantly,

"God, even our own God, will bless us."

They never could refrain from service, for Hope could never refrain from song.

They were ashamed to be discouraged, they were shocked to be despairing, for still the voice rang clearly out at noon and eventide,

"God will bless us; God, even our own God, will bless us."

You know the parable, you recognize the voice. May you hear it in your soul today!