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I Timothy 3:15

A World Church by the Year 2000?

The pope has called on leaders of all religions, pagan and Christian, to meet him on Mt. Sinai on the first day of the year 2000 to have an ecumenical celebration and talk unity. He is determined to draw all religions into his subtle web by that time or shortly thereafter.

My prediction is that his request for the Sinai meeting will be well attended with most big names in the non-Catholic world present, many that will shock you.

Last year, Konrad Raiser, general secretary of the World Council of Churches (which claims to speak authoritatively for 330 mainstream Protestant and Orthodox churches) went to the Vatican to discuss what the misguided ecumenical crowd call "Christian Unity."

Recently, the Archbishop of Canterbury (the head of the Church of England, and perhaps the most desired plum the pope hopes to pick for his ecumenical basket) also paid a visit to the Vatican.

The main Romish doctrine that stands in the way of a world church is the pope's claim of infallibility.

In his discussion with the Archbishop, there was a very slight hint that he might even make some compromise on that claim.

Of course, every pope before him has made some compromise on that same claim of infallibility, but the record of most of them reveals that they were everything but infallible.

Thus the ecumenical bandwagon rolls on and will eventually bring about a world church (totally apostate) to be joined hand in hand with a one-world government headed by the antichrist — the whole mess to be finally destroyed by the mighty judgments of God during the tribulation period.

Avoid ecumenism wherever you find it, in your church, the Promise Keepers, the Charismatic Movement, or whatever. Avoid it like the plague. Read II Corinthians 6:14-17.