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I Timothy 3:15

An 1854 Presbyterian Assembly’s Decision Regarding

Romish Baptisms and Ordinations

In 1854, the Presbyterian General Assembly met in Buffalo, and this question was presented to them for their decision:"Are Romish baptisms and ordinations valid?"

There was a heated discussion over this ques­tion. The majority report of the committee was that all ordinations at the hands of the Romish priests were invalid, because the Roman Catholic Church was no church of Christ, but anti-Christ, and therefore the baptisms and ordinations of such an apostate body are null and void.

The minority report, on the other hand, con­tended that if they denied the church of Rome to be a true church of Christ, they unchurched them­selves, since they came out of Rome, and received their baptisms and ordinations therefrom. Find­ing they could not extricate themselves from the dilemma, they moved an indefinite postponement of the question.