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Tragic Trends of Our Day I: Homosexuality

E. L. Bynum

From The Plains Baptist Challenger, February 2013

This month we will begin a series of articles entitled Tragic Trends. These trends, if continued, will destroy our country and do great harm to the cause of Christianity. While there are many trends in our society that are disturbing, the ones we will write about are the most deadly.

The Tragic Trend of Homosexuality

At my age I have a much better view of the trends in our society than the younger or middle-aged people. My ministry began more than 60 years ago and I have had the advantage of observing the ebb and flow of deteriorating circumstances of this period of our history. I have had a keen interest in the direction our nation and our religion has been taking during those years. I must report that the trends have been moving away from God and His Word.

Early in my ministry, I remember reading about the Mattachine Society made up of homosexuals. I later found out that it was founded by Harry Hay in 1950. The material I read said that it was a secret society in Washington, D.C. and that some of its members were active in our Federal Government.

I remember thinking that this was almost unbelievable, but they seemed to have solid evidence proving that it was true. I grew up on a farm and, when I finished high school, I enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Force. I must confess that I did not know there was any such thing as homosexuality until I was nearly grown, and I had only a vague idea of what it was even then. Now school children learn about it from kindergarten and up. I wish we could return to the age of innocence, but I fully know that it is not possible. The evil genie is out of the box and it is impossible to get him back in.

I suppose that homosexuality began sometime after creation, but there is no mention of it in the Bible, until the experience of Lot in the city of Sodom. It may well have been a part of the wickedness that brought on the great flood in the days of Noah. The sin is not mentioned in the Bible until 1900 years after the creation of man.

Why Has It Become Accepted?

An article appeared in USA Today on Dec. 6, 2012, entitled "Attitudes toward gays changing fast, poll finds," in which they point out the attitudes toward homosexuals is changing. They know that the schools have the opportunity to change the thinking of society. So some of the so-called intelligent, but perverted thinkers have entered the field of education through our colleges and universities. Homosexuals have been educating the teachers who now teach the present generation.

Today we have many teachers in the public school who are teaching the children to be broad minded about homosexuality. In some schools they have had children play the role of being of homosexuals.

Homosexuals do not reproduce themselves, so they must recruit the young to adopt their lifestyle. They have learned that if they can just teach children to be broad minded and tolerant, they may involve more children to try and adopt this deviant practice. Some schools have led boys to play girl rolls, and girls to play boys rolls. Anything is used to confuse children about their gender identity.

Thank God this is not happening in all schools, but it is happening in the more liberal states. It seems public education is sinking so low that even reluctant parents are going to have to take their children out of the public schools. Many parents see the need, but are reluctant to be out the increase in cost for private schools or home schooling their children. Christian people with children are going to have some soul searching to do. They are going to have to decide which is more important, their children or their luxuries. The wise will decide to reduce their living standard, and to save their children.

The Entertainment Industry Is Also Responsible

The entertainment industry has been heavily infiltrated by homosexuals. Writers, directors, and actors have been able to inject this teaching into the movies and television programs, in order make this way of life to seem normal. I do not watch Anderson Cooper on TV, but someone sent me a video clip of a scene at his program on the night of the year change in New York City. A woman was on with Cooper and she made vile suggestive remarks to him and even knelt down and kissed his crotch.

Just this morning I was at the Lifestyle exercise place at our hospital and saw an unbelievable scene on the Anderson Cooper program. In front of the treadmill and stationary bicycle exercise machines they have five television screens with five different networks playing. I was watching Fox News and I glanced over to see two women simulating having sex with each other. They were near naked, and the one in the foreground did not have enough clothes to wad a 12-gage shotgun.

This is what we are facing in America today. More and more lewdness and deviant lifestyle are being displayed on every hand. It is virtually impossible to shield your children from the crassness and ungodly world and its teachings.

Hollywood is infested with homosexual advocates and the screen writers are interested in writing scenes where this lifestyle is acted out in some way. There are plenty of actors that are willing to portray homosexuals. Some of them are homosexuals and others are very sympathetic and tolerant of this way of life. I am not saying that all screen writers and actors live this way or even are tolerant of this way of thinking, but most of them are kept silent on this issue, to preserve their jobs. How any Christian can go to the movie theaters and support this ungodly conspiracy is beyond my thinking. Most of the television programs produced today are filled with filth and ungodliness. About the only thing that is decent on TV are some of the old, old reruns.

The Lawmakers and Courts Are Also Responsible

Every person should know that Barney Frank and other lawmakers are open homosexuals, and they promote their cause in every way possible. Presidents have appointed judges who were homosexuals or very sympathetic with them. More and more we hear of court cases that are very favorable to that way of life. As long as we elect liberal presidents and congressmen they will continue to favor homosexuals. They are making it harder and harder to fire or decide against this way of life.

Our political leaders and the courts are responsible for the infiltration of our military by homosexuals. Not so long ago they were discharged from the armed services when they were found out. Now they serve with honor in the military and everyone else in the military has to walk the line, or they will be disciplined for discriminating against them. It will eventually make our armed forces into a bunch of sissies, with their fighting ability deterred. Imagine having to shower with these people who are lusting after your body. It is unthinkable but it is happening.

Religious Leaders Are Responsible

Real Christianity ought to be immune to the influence of homosexuals, and indeed teaching against their way of living. Unfortunately many of the so-called religious leaders are not true Bible believers. In fact real Bible preachers are in the minority and do not get the publicity they deserve. Most of the young men who have surrendered for the ministry are sent off to colleges and seminaries that teach their students to doubt much or most of the Bible. They are taught that the Bible is not inspired by God and are thus free to believe the psycho-babble they are being taught. The result is that many of them enter those schools believing the Bible, but graduate believing little of it.

So we end up with a lot of unbelief of the Bible being taught and preached in our churches. They are taught to be tolerant and open minded about homosexuals and lesbians. These are allowed to be members of the churches and enjoy all of the privileges of the other members. Of course the homosexual churches have existed for a good many years, but now the mainstream churches are willing to gladly receive these people into their membership.

Now these churches are not only willing to take them into their membership, but they are also willing to perform marriage ceremonies for them. What kind of abomination is this? It is against everything the Bible teaches about marriage.

To make my point that the attitude of the American public is changing, I will quote from a recent study. "A November 2012 survey of adults in the United States found 37 percent affirm a belief that homosexual behavior is a sin—a significant change from a September 2011 LifeWay Research survey asking the same question. At that time, 44 percent answered ‘Yes’.”

What Is Coming Next?

We are well on our way to the practice of pedophiles which is adults practicing sex with children. We read pretty often about people being arrested for spreading pictures on the internet of children engaging in some kind of a sex act with adults. This is sick and makes me want to vomit, but it is happening every day. This is so ungodly and repulsive that I hate to write anything about it.

"The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States that works to abolish age of consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors, and for the release of all men who have been jailed for sexual contacts with minors that did not involve coercion." —Wikipedia

We are not saying that homosexuals are all pedophiles, but they are often associated with it. The Man/Boy Love Association members have been known to march in parades advocating this practice.

The practice of bestiality (that is, sex with animals) is being advocated by individuals in the USA. In Europe and other countries of the world it is open and legal to practice. In Germany and some other countries animals can be rented for sex with humans. I do not know how much deeper you can go in the sea of human depravity.