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I Timothy 3:15

Where Christian Science Leads

Roy Mason

From The Plains Baptist Challenger, March 2013

As we think of "Christian Science" we are reminded of a small tin box of candy frequently seen on candy counters. The name of it is, "Chicken Bones." Curiously enough the box contains neither chicken nor bones. "Chicken Bones" is just the name of it! Now "Christian Science" is neither Christian nor scientific—that is just the name of it!

The Founder

The founder or "foundress" of this absurd "religion" was Mrs. Mary Baker, Glover, Eddy—the much married female. She was originally a Spiritualist medium. Due to the extreme gullibility of the human race, she gained a great following, and incidentally much cash from the gullible. She denied pain, yet slipped off to a dentist when she had the toothache. She denied the reality of death, and some of her followers deny that she died—she "just passed on." (Which would you prefer—“to die”, or "pass on"?)

What Is Wrong With Christian Science?

1.  It has a "false front"—claiming to be "Christian Science" when it violates everything that might be called "scientific."

2.  It was human-founded—not divinely started.

3.  It palms off a lot of "gobbledygook," on people who want to think that they are up-to-date and "scientific."

4.  It violates all ordinary use of language. Christian terms are used out of all Biblical sense. New content are put into the terms entirely.

5.  It furnishes a false "key" to the Bible. One is supposed to read the Bible, with Mrs. Eddy's "key" in hand, so as to find out what it means. The implication is that God couldn't make himself plain—He has to have Mrs. Eddy to interpret what He says. According to that idea the world was left to grope in darkness until Mrs. Eddy came along.

6.  It denies reality, and makes us all victims of illusion. So many things are "errors of mortal mind" as they term it.

7.  It is "science falsely so called" (I Timothy 6:20).

8.  It thrives through so called cures. Although in reality denying the body, it thrives because people want healing for the very body whose reality is denied. We have seen sick people who trusted to Christian Science, and they are today in the grave.

9.  It violates the teachings of the Scriptures on almost all points. It even denied that Jesus came in the flesh, and thus is answered by this Scripture: (See I John 4:2-3). It denies God as a Person. Science and Health, p. 469 says, "What is mind? Mind is God." It denies the Trinity. Page 152 of the same book says, "The theory of three persons in one God, suggests heathen gods." And one could go on and on to discover that Mrs. Eddy and the Bible are in complete disagreement.

10.  It is a revival of ancient Pantheism—the doctrine that God is all and all is God. A noted Hindu came to America, and being told about the new religion, Christian Science, he made some investigation, then said, "I recognized it as the same philosophy that had been taught my people for four thousand years ... it is the philosophy of nothingness. You are to view the world as nothing but a falsehood."

Christian Science Will Send its Followers to Hell

Since it denies the reality of sin, it has no Savior from sin. People who follow off after it, follow a delusion. The Bible gives a very pertinent warning just here (Colossians 2:8).

As a rule Christian Science makes its gains from members of other religious groups, who are uninstructed and weak in the faith.

Baptists and others who go off after it, know little about the Bible and little concerning their own church doctrines. All of the sweet talk about God being "love," and "light" and "truth" and such, sounds good to the unwary. Many will not wake up to their delusion until they wake up in torment—then it will be too late!