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Was Your Grandmother an Ape?

Roy Mason

From the Plains Baptist Challenger, May 2013

Evolution is taught as a fact in most schools of this day. Students are taught evolution in the grades, then in high school, and on through college and university. The teaching of biology, botany and geology is based on evolution. Many of our denominational colleges teach evolution.

The teaching of evolution is significant religiously because it is incompatible with the teachings of the Bible. It has had widespread practical effects on the moral life of the human race, for as someone has said, "Monkey men make monkey morals." Young people leave college believing that they are but highly developed brutes, and they go out into the world to live and act like brutes.

Evolution has been defined as "Continuous progressive change, according to certain laws, by means of resident forces." No God is necessary—change is by resident forces.

Modernistic preachers have tried to reconcile the Bible and religion with evolution by saying that evolution is just the way that "God works." The truth is, the Bible and Christianity cannot be reconciled to evolution.

Genesis teaches beyond question that man was made as a special creation—not by age long process (Genesis 1:26-27). It teaches that various species were made "after their kind" (Genesis 1:24-25). Had man come into existence through evolutionary process he would have had a mate. But the first man had no mate, and one was lade outright for him (Genesis 2:21-22). Evolution and special creation can't be reconciled. If evolution is so—the Bible is not so. If the Bible is so, then evolution is a big lie!

Why Did Men Start The Evolution Theory?

Back behind it was deep-seated antagonism toward God and His Word. The unregenerate heart hates God and wants nothing to do with him. Unregenerate men will do anything to try to rule God out. Thinking men must find some sort of explanation for the existence of things. The philosophic explanations of the past are absurdities, and men did not want to accept the Bible explanation, so what sort of an explanation could they devise? Evolution is the answer, "Evolution is man's best guess without God."

Evolution Is Guesswork Not Fact, Nor Science

Science is that which is known. It is substantiated fact. Evolution is in the nature of hypothesis. It has not been proven. Modern scholars are bullied into being evolutionists. To go against the theory is to go against the popular and accepted thing, and many dare not be so unorthodox as to do this. Nevertheless some of the greatest scientists have denounced evolution. Typical of these (and a number can be named) is Sir W. J. Dawson, the English scientist, who said "It (evolution) is utterly destitute of proof."

Evolutionists Have Lied in Seeking to Prove

Go into our great museums (like Field Museum, Chicago) and you will see a series of figures molded and carved to show man's ascent from the brute. School children by the thousands are impressed that evolution is true by viewing this "chain." But the whole "chain" is a chain of lies. The whole thing has been concocted out of imagination! One of the "links" in the evolutionary chain is the famous "Piltdown Man," reconstructed from some bones found in a gravel pit at Sussex, England. This link was recently denounced by scientists themselves as a fake and a fraud.

We quote the following from the United Press, November 21, 1953, "Three sleuthing British scientists declared today that the skull of the fabulous ‘Piltdown Man’ accepted for 40 a relic of man's earliest history is a phony." The article goes on to show how some of the bones were colored by chemicals to give the appearance of age. This is but a sample of what men have resorted to in order to try to prove their hypothesis.

The Mule Stands in the Way

The evolutionary theory requires the belief that one species evolves into another higher up. This is contrary to observation and experience. Creatures of one species do not cross the boundary line into another. When attempt is made to cross species the result is a hybrid. The common mule is a sample. A common old stubborn Missouri mule stands between the evolutionist and the proof of his theory. Long live the mule!