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"...The church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth."
I Timothy 3:15

Some Good Rules

Regarding Church Attendance

From The Baptist Challenge, May 2014

1. Come. Never miss church unless it is ab­solutely necessary. George Washington’s pastor said of him: “No company ever kept him away from church.”

2. Come early. Rushing into church the last minute is not conducive to true worship.

3. Come with your whole family. “The church service is not a convention that a family should merely send a delegate.”

4. Take a place towards the front of the church; leave the rear seats for those who may come late, and for the backsliders, and mothers with children.

5. Be devout. The church is not a theater or a place of amusement. You come to worship God, not to whisper, lounge or sleep. God’s house deserves our utmost reverence.

6. Be thoughtful of the comfort of others. Never make a haystack of yourself at the end of the row and expect others to crawl over you to reach a seat.

7. Help strangers to find and follow the services. If they have no Bible or hymnal, share yours with them. Sing! Join in the worship! Don’t just sit!

8. Always remember that strangers are the guests of the church members. Treat them with the same courtesy as you would if they should visit you in your own home.

9. Give a good offering to God. God loveth a cheerful giver! Freely ye have received!

10. Never rush for the door after the benediction as though the church were on fire. Speak and be spoken to. Be congenial!

11. Never stay away from church because the church is not perfect. How lonesome you would feel in a perfect church.

12. Remember at all times that you’re in the house of God.